Managed Services Scope and Services Description

Managed Services Description
Managed Services provides dedicated administrative support personnel who perform the following services:

  1. Create Series/Modules, upload content (content is not created by Managed Services), publish Modules
  2. Move modules from one Series to another and publish Modules
  3. Invite learners to Modules/Series
  4. Change settings in all Module types, including email templates
  5. Retrigger emails for specific learners within a Series/Modules
  6. Configure group/collaborator settings as required
  7. Enable/grant roles and permissions for different Customer group Admins
  8. Configure in-platform analytics for the learning site including setting up hierarchy and manager rollup
  9. Appoint reviewers for Missions and Coaching sessions according to directions given by Customer’s Admins;
  10. Replace/remove reviewers for Missions and Coaching sessions.

Out-of-Scope Services
Managed Services Administrative Support does not perform the following:

  • Create or update program content
  • Conduct any project or program management
  • Provide any advisory or consulting on Mindtickle settings for optimum use of the product

Delivery Timeframe
Typical delivery time of each service request is within 2 business days after receiving the request and all necessary content and materials related to the request. The delivery timeframe may vary depending on the complexity of the request.
Customer agrees to perform the following responsibilities:

  1. Appoint a supervisor to direct the services of the Managed Services personnel. Mindtickle Managed Services personnel shall only accept requests from the appointed supervisor or named delegates.
  2. Provide clearly defined service requests for the Managed Services personnel and all related content and materials.
  3. Grant access to systems and materials that the Managed Services personnel needs to fulfill the service request in a timely manner.
  4. Manage the workload of the Managed Services personnel so that it doesn’t exceed applicable hours per week. The maximum hours per week shall be based on the number of FTE count specified in the Order. The term FTE means a dedicated ‘Full Time Employee’ providing not more than 40 hours of Managed Services per week. Accordingly, the maximum number of hours for a 1/2 FTE, 1/3 FTE and 1/4 FTE specified in the Order shall be prorated to 20 hours a week, 14 hours a week and 10 hours a week, respectively.
  5. Acknowledge that the Managed Services personnel is based out of India and make sufficient effort to set up meetings that are both in the Customer’s location time zone and India time zone. Mindtickle shall endeavor to provide a minimum time zone overlap time of 2 business hours, based on the location of the Customer’s appointed supervisor.
  6. In the event the workload exceeds the agreed maximum hours per month, then Customer and Mindtickle agree to:
    1. Rebalance the workload
    2. Increase the time frame for completion
    3. Increase the number of full-time resources with a change order process.
  7. Unless expressly provided otherwise herein or agreed otherwise by the parties over email, business hours/ business days shall exclude Saturdays and Sundays and the days on which Customer has a declared holiday. Business hours shall mean Customer’s business hours.