Top Companies Choose Mindtickle Over Brainshark to Fully Enable Dynamic Sales Teams

Brainshark was an important early entrant into the sales enablement space, but today’s sales teams need more than content creation and on-demand training to stay ahead of the competition. Mindtickle’s next-generation sales readiness delivers a more modern experience for today’s enterprise needs with individualized enablement at scale, AI-driven reinforcement capabilities, integrated conversation intelligence, and analytics that tie skills to business outcomes.

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Find out how Mindtickle can empower you to optimize your sales enablement program – and drive revenue growth.

Here’s what you’re missing


Feature Mindtickle Brainshark
Ideal rep profiles: the skills and behaviors that drive success
Virtual role-plays with AI-guided feedback
Real-world, best-practice conversation examples aligned with common selling situations
Transcription and analysis of real-world sales interactions
Individualized, guided coaching tools for frontline managers

Considering Brainshark alternatives? Look no

Here are three reasons to consider Mindtickle

Increase enablement impact

Reason #1

Brainshark can leave salespeople wanting more or forgetting what they’ve learned, reducing the impact and ROI of your efforts. Instead, use Mindtickle to build individualized programs at scale that focus on the skills each salesperson needs to succeed, and then reinforce learning using scientifically proven methods that cement key concepts into long-term memory.

Measure real-world impact

Reason #2

Grading practice assignments is important, but Brainshark doesn’t tell you if reps are taking what they’ve learned into their sales calls. Mindtickle goes one step further, empowering you to assign practice sessions and analyze real-world sales interactions to see how reps perform when money is on the line.

Tie skills to outcomes

Reason #3

Brainshark customers can see how test scores and adoption metrics tie to business outcomes, but that isn’t enough to identify your company’s revenue drivers. Use Mindtickle to identify the Ideal Rep Profiles™ that produce the best revenue outcomes, and then provide individualized training for each rep to hone the skills that count.

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But don’t take our word for it. Over 1,000+ users have rated Mindtickle 5 stars.

Scale enablement programs to drive success

Our vision was to have all learning happen in one portal. With Mindtickle, sales reps can easily go in, find what they need to learn, and go out and do their work. And we have visibility into how they’re engaging with the platform. It’s a one-stop shop for everyone

Dr. Somnath Datta
Head of Commerical Excellence

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Mulesoft increased ACV by 219% (from 77K – 169K)


MongoDB doubled the number of new reps hitting quota


MongoDB reduced new rep ramp time from 11 months to 6


ORCA Life reduced time to first deal by 50%

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Find out how Mindtickle can empower you to optimize your sales enablement program – and drive revenue growth.