Top Companies Choose Mindtickle Over Clari to Fuel Revenue & Retention

Clari was an important early entrant into the conversation intelligence space, but today’s sales leaders want to go beyond insights to drive sales productivity, revenue, and retention. Mindtickle not only helps you forecast more accurately, uncover deal risks, and transcribe every email and call but also offers a built-in enablement and content management platform. Now, reps have everything they need to win more at their fingertips, and organizations know which people and teams are ready to hit quota or not.

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Here’s what you’re missing


Feature Mindtickle Clari
AI forecasting & deal risk analysis
Deal and call scores
Call & email transcription
Sales enablement platform
Content management platform
Digital sales rooms for customers
AI video role-plays
Sales Readiness Index

Considering Clari alternatives? Look no

Here are three reasons to consider Mindtickle

Drive sales productivity via all-in-one platform

Reason #1

Businesses are wasting tens of thousands of dollars each year on redundant and unintegrated sales technologies. Your reps do not need many siloed solutions to forecast, uncover deal risks, transcribe calls, get enabled, and send content to customers. Do it all in one place, drive real adoption, and maximize the ROI of your efforts.

Measure & predict revenue growth

Reason #2

Access a best-in-class forecasting and revenue intelligence platform, but don’t stop there. Get insights into which teams and people are ready to hit quota. Know who has the skills, will, and demonstrated in-field behaviors to hit revenue goals.. Constantly fuel product and marketing with voice of customer insights from the frontlines.

Win customers with built-in content management

Reason #3

Now, your reps can easily include recorded calls in Digital Sales Rooms and provide personalized, engaging customer experiences. Get insights on what content and topics are most interesting to customers to fuel revenue growth. Automatically upload contacts to your CRM and manage deals end-to-end.

Access enterprise-grade compliance & security

Reason #3

Mindtickle works with more than 250 Enterprise customers, including Cisco, Splunk, LinkedIn, and more. Our platform is designed to help you maintain global compliance. Let our compliance experts help you know exactly how to access voice of customer insights and measure performance while maintaining GDPR.

Mindtickle leads enterprise customer satisfaction on G2

But don’t take our word for it. Over 1,000+ users have rated Mindtickle 5 stars.

What customers say about Mindtickle

Data Axle needed a modern solution to deliver onboarding and ongoing training. Sal Pecoraro, SVP, of Client Technology Solutions at Data Axle, talks about how Data Axle uses Mindtickle’s complete Revenue Productivity Platform to ensure its sellers are ramped up quickly and always ready to close any deal.

Close more business now


Mulesoft increased ACV by 219% (from 77K – 169K)


MongoDB doubled the number of new reps hitting quota


MongoDB reduced new rep ramp time from 11 months to 6


ORCA Life reduced time to first deal by 50%

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