Switch to Mindtickle from Gong to Supercharge Revenue Readiness

The days of juggling multiple siloed, expensive sales platforms are over. Mindtickle is the only complete solution designed to bring reps all of the buyer insights, content, and training they need to win more business. By using insights from field performance on calls, emails, and meetings to suggest training and content to reps, Mindtickle empowers an excellent buyer experience while reducing the cost and complexity of operations.

Complete, easy-to-deploy, and built for scale, see why dozens of companies choose Mindtickle over Gong and why reps love Mindtickle.

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Here are three reasons to consider Mindtickle:

Drive Real Behavior Change

Analyzing calls, meetings, and emails to uncover deal risks and coach reps is not enough for modern teams. Get templatized onboarding and enablement programs to support new product launches and sales motions. Manage all of your sales content. Run quizzes, assessments, and role-plays to reinforce skills.


Maximize Your Budget

Reps don’t want to juggle siloed tools, and you shouldn’t pay for redundant functionality. Bringing insights, content, and training into one platform unlocks powerful new use cases to help reps personalize the buyer experience and access relevant content and enablement.

Transform Readiness with Professional Services

Don’t go it alone. Get started with our templates. Let our readiness experts handle program design, provide content as a service, and handle implementation for you. Your reps deserve world-class revenue intelligence and enablement.

Close more business now


Mulesoft increased ACV by 219% (from 77K – 169K)


Mulesoft increased ACV by 219% (from 77K – 169K)


Pricelabs reduced new rep ramp time by 45%


Turing Video increased quota attainment 200% year-over-year

Shorten ramp time with an amazing onboarding experience that enables reps to succeed. Create individualized programs for each rep based on their strengths and weaknesses. Drive high adoption through engaging field communications, gamification, and mobile experiences.

Set the true north in sales performance by creating Ideal Rep Profile™ (IRPs). Improve measurable revenue outcomes like rep productivity, time to first deal, and win rates. Track skill gaps across the organization and build a culture of accountability. Motivate and engage teams for measurable revenue outcomes.

Track and address team and rep skill gaps through individualized coaching. Create better deal outcomes by reviewing call recordings and helping reps through early deal stages. Partner with enablement to create custom training and content based on each rep’s needs.

Simplify your tech stack with a single solution for enablement, reinforcement, coaching, and conversation intelligence. Measure quality of customer interactions and use AI insights to improve win rates. Empower frontline managers and enablement to provide individualized coaching and training based on skill gaps.

Complete visibility to win even the most complex deals

“With Call AI, almost our entire team is part of all important customer conversations. We share snippets from important calls internally which help us to improve our product, enable the team on new products/pitches, and get advice on how to move forward on a deal. We have been able to onboard our new reps 20% faster and improve our win rates on complex deals.”

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–  Richie Khandelwal Co-Founder

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