Top Companies Choose Mindtickle Over Lessonly by Seismic to Fully Enable Dynamic Sales Teams

While Lessonly by Seismic can help you “do better work” for the simplest onboarding tasks, its narrow sales enablement functionality can limit your ability to improve sales performance. Adopt Mindtickle to deliver individualized enablement programs at scale based on real-world sales interactions–optimizing the enablement journey for every rep.

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Here’s what you’re missing


Feature Mindtickle Lessonly
Ideal rep profiles: the skills and behaviors that drive success
Virtue role-plays with AI-guided feedback
Real-world, best-practice conversation examples with common selling situations
Transcription and analysis of real-world sales interactions
Individualized, guided coaching tools for frontline managers
Pre-built Seismic integration

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Here are four reasons to consider Mindtickle

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Deliver just-in-time content

Reason #1

Lessonly by Seismic tackles the tip of the sales readiness iceberg with one-size-fits all training and enablement. Instead, use Mindtickle to build individualized programs at scale that focus on the skills each salesperson needs to succeed, seamlessly incorporate conversation snippets from real-world buyer interactions into training content, and leverage AI-powered virtual role-plays to give sellers a safe space to practice on their own.

Reason #2

Grading practice assignments is important, but Lessonly by Seismic doesn’t tell you if reps are taking what they’ve learned into their sales calls. Mindtickle goes one step further, empowering you to assign practice sessions and analyze real-world sales interactions to see how reps perform when money is on the line.

Reason #3

While ease-of-use is critical, it doesn’t need to come at the expense of enterprise-grade capabilities. Where Lessonly by Seismic can leave you wanting more, Mindtickle delivers both an intuitive, seamless experience without sacrificing conversation intelligence, AI and individualization.


Reason #4

Giving sellers access to content is good, but even better is giving them access to the right content, just in time. Lessonly’s acquisition by Seismic may eventually offer synergies between their solutions, but Mindtickle does it today. Access ad hoc content for just-in-time learning, sharing with buyers, and more–inside of Mindtickle’s unified platform


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Sales enablement programs that translate to field success

With Mindtickle we’ve adopted an integrated and engaging approach that takes into account the specific needs of each seller to help them build the knowledge, skills and behaviors on an ongoing basis for success in the field.

Bill Mills
Manager Sales Enablement, Thomson Reuters

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