Mindtickle Debuts Adaptive Spaced Reinforcements for Effective Knowledge Retention

Mindtickle Spaced Reinforcements Press Release

Latest innovation to Sales Readiness platform prepares customer-facing reps to be consultative and credible


SAN FRANCISCO — October 3, 2019 — Mindtickle, the leader in Sales Readiness technology, today unveiled its Spaced Reinforcements solution. Using advanced gamification, microlearning and smart notifications to engage sales representatives, this latest innovation proactively and automatically helps bridge knowledge gaps to retain and reinforce necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors. As part of a comprehensive Readiness system, Spaced Reinforcements transforms customer-facing representatives into consultative professionals that bring value, share insight and help customers address their business challenges. 


The most successful sales representatives and other customer-facing employees demonstrate their value through educated, direct conversations with prospects and customers. Their knowledge about products, services and even industry trends, and how they leverage and communicate that knowledge underpins their credibility. Credibility, in turn, translates to better customer experiences and higher levels of revenue and brand value. But retaining the necessary information can be a significant challenge. In fact, the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve hypothesizes that humans forget approximately 50% of new information within an hour and 90% after 30 days. 


“Our Spaced Reinforcements solution is the industry’s only automated and adaptive approach that works to prevent knowledge and skill decay in an overall readiness program while promoting a culture of continuous improvement and knowledge sharing,” said Albert Fong, director of product marketing at Mindtickle. “With knowledge retention and skill-building as key components of a Sales Readiness and sales enablement strategy, customer-facing reps significantly boost their effectiveness and productivity levels to more easily achieve their organizational business goals.”


The Spaced Reinforcements solution is Mindtickle’s answer to the challenge of knowledge retention for sales and other customer-facing professionals. The solution builds proficiency and decreases knowledge gaps with automatic microlearning, personalized and gamified challenges, and scenario-based questions, while surfacing coaching opportunities at specific intervals for maximum retention. Through Mindtickle’s intelligent and adaptive engine, personalized questions and scenarios are presented based on how individuals respond to questions.  More importantly, sales leaders gain insights into the improvement of the sellers across their competencies.


“Spaced Reinforcements engages sales reps through a merit solution, in which points are awarded based on correct answers to the challenges and badges are earned as each level is mastered, said Neeraj Sanghvi, senior product manager at Mindtickle. “By using this process to reinforce information and identify opportunities for coaching, sales professionals continuously build on their expertise to become consultative professionals with significant credibility in the areas their customers and prospects care most about. Spaced Reinforcements helps sales leaders and managers to not only determine sales proficiency benchmarks and identify areas where targeted coaching is needed, but also view areas of improvement for sellers.” 


You’ll be able to see Mindtickle and get a demo at two in-person events later this month:

  • The Sales Enablement Society Annual Conference, October 16-18 at the Westin Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX
  • The Sales Management Association’s Sales Force Productivity Conference, October 23-25 at the Ritz-Carlton Atlanta


Mindtickle’s Spaced Reinforcements solution is available as of this announcement. 


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