Mindtickle Announces New Releases that Generate “Binge-worthy” Sales Enablement Experiences

Mindtickle Announces New Releases that Generate “Binge-worthy” Sales Enablement Experiences Built Within Its Readiness Platform

SAN FRANCISCO —  November 1, 2022Mindtickle, the global leader in sales enablement and training technology, today announced the release of new products and capabilities designed to make it easier for revenue organizations to deliver engaging and high-impact sales enablement and content experiences for both sellers and buyers. The updates to Mindtickle’s award-winning sales readiness platform bring together sales enablement and sales content management in one place, creating simplicity for revenue teams managing their tech stack in today’s economic climate.

Mindtickle announced the releases on its website, in anticipation of its upcoming digital event on November 14, called “Binge-Worthy Enablement: What Sales Enablement Can Learn from the Online Streaming Revolution.” The event will feature Mindtickle customers, leadership, and keynote speaker Roderick Jefferson, all speaking about how revenue organizations can create craveable experiences that inspire winning behaviors in the sales field.

In the context of this theme, Mindtickle is highlighting the value its new releases will bring in helping its customers to build “binge-worthy” sales enablement programs. The latest release helps sales enablement teams deploy the full power of training and content on a single platform while creating more of a “pull effect” with new engagement mechanics. It also empowers managers to coach more effectively and help accelerate deals through collaborative selling. Mindtickle has also taken care to relate these new releases to various roles within the revenue organization, including enablement, revenue operations, frontline sales management, channel teams, marketing, and customer success.

This release comes on the heels of the launch of Mindtickle’s flagship sales content solution, Asset Hub, which allows companies to organize, contextualize, and deploy content both internally and externally.

“Asset Hub has empowered us to offer a truly consolidated solution for revenue organizations who want to enable their teams across the board,” said Christopher Lynch, Mindtickle’s CMO. “These new releases bring the worlds of training and content closer than ever, so reps can access powerful learning programs and just-in-time content right when they need it in one single platform.”

As announced, Mindtickle’s new products and features include, in part:

  • Digital Sales Rooms – Persistent, shared portals for every deal that consolidate all content, communications, and action items in one digital space that boosts and tracks buyer engagement
  • Ready-to-Use Enablement – Programs and templates created by industry experts like Baker Communications, Ken Blanchard, PSI, and Mindtickle’s Content as a Service (CaaS) team to empower sales enablement leaders to pivot quickly and get sellers ready faster
  • “Plays” for Guided Learning & Selling – Custom user experiences that combine content with essential context to guide users toward optimal behaviors and field-based outcomes
  • Rich Landing Page Experiences – Easy-to-build content and program overview pages that ground users in the appropriate context for learning journeys and content discovery
  • Key Moments – Timely and relevant insights on deal health and seller performance based on real sales conversations, automatically delivered to sellers, managers, and coaches
  • Deeper Integrations – More robust and out-of-the-box collaboration with rev tech and enterprise software, including Salesforce, Snowflake, Webex, Zoom, and more

Regarding the releases, Krishna Depura, co-founder and CEO of Mindtickle said, “The worlds of sales training and sales content management are converging, opening the door to new, more meaningful experiences for buyers and sellers. These releases position our customers at the forefront of this market evolution in two ways. First, they can now pull reps in with engaging, contextualized experiences that support their motions in the field. Second, their reps can share the same type of craveable experiences with their buyers, overcoming friction to accelerate deals.”

David Bolger, technical enablement manager at Mindtickle customer, Venafi, anticipates that these product releases will make sellers’ lives even easier. “We’re excited for Digital Sales Rooms to completely reshape the way our sellers interact with buyers, and differentiate us from the competition.”

The upcoming digital event will be the second hosted by Mindtickle this year. The Spring 2022 event focused on how Mindtickle’s sales coaching solutions can transform sales leaders from managers to mentors. The date and theme for the Spring 2023 event will be announced early next year.

Those interested can learn more about the newly announced products and features and register for the webinar, “Binge-Worthy Enablement: What Sales Enablement Can Learn from the Online Streaming Revolution.”

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