Mindtickle Announces Revenue Enablement and AI Capabilities to Elevate Sales Behavior

New Features Automate Readiness and Deal Execution for Sales and Support Teams

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — May 15, 2024 — Mindtickle, the market-leading revenue productivity platform, today introduced new enablement and AI capabilities to improve behaviors for customer-facing teams. These new capabilities, powered by rapid progress in enablement and generative AI technologies, turn revenue teams into superheroes by making them more effective in their jobs.

These new advancements empower sellers, revenue managers, and enablement teams through AI workflow automation, seamless integrations, and actionable insights that save time, engage buyers, and enhance team performance. With this latest update, Mindtickle customers can also personalize content for each prospect, resulting in improved engagement and higher conversion rates.

These new capabilities build on a foundation of innovative AI offerings previously announced, such as AI-graded roleplays. Mindtickle uses AI to review video submissions from reps and provide contextual and pointed feedback for self-improvement. This breakthrough technology has enabled Mindtickle customers to implement large-scale role-play programs that were previously manual and difficult to grade and scale. Over the last six months, Mindtickle received more than 100,000 video role-play submissions that were fully reviewed and graded by AI. Companies like Flexential took advantage of this unique capability to deploy large-scale practice and reinforcement programs.

“We’ve integrated Mindtickle Copilot into our workflow for crafting emails, developing assessments, and designing quizzes, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive,” Kortnie Elkins, Senior Manager, Field Sales Enablement at Flexential, said. “This tool empowers Flexential sales reps to tailor content specifically to each prospect’s needs, ensuring personalized and impactful communication. By harnessing the capabilities of Mindtickle Copilot, our reps can deliver targeted messaging that resonates with our clients, ultimately driving stronger engagement and conversion rates.”

With every release, Mindtickle iterates on all Copilot capabilities and gives go-to-market teams the best technology to simplify their lives, free up time, and focus on strategic thinking.

For this latest release, Mindtickle announced new capabilities:

For go-to-market (GTM) reps (Sales, Pre-Sales, Support, Partners):

  • Copilot for sellers — According to the Harvard Business Review, in the B2B buying journey, buyers spend only 5% of their time with sellers. Copilot for Sellers gives sellers superpowers with AI. It guides sellers through every step of every deal to better engage customers and close deals faster. Guided selling means sellers get strategic recommendations on the next best actions, account research, objection handling, and competitive positioning.
  • Interactive AI role-plays – Sellers want to practice pitches, but managers have little time for role-plays. With Interactive AI role-plays, AI-generated customers jump on live conversations with reps so they can practice pitches, objection handling, and difficult conversations. Live role-plays with AI help reps become their best versions in a safe and scalable environment while saving managers time.
  • Outreach and LinkedIn integrations – Sellers don’t want to leave their workflow to share content with prospects across different channels. With the latest integrations, sellers and business development reps (BDRs) can share marketing-approved assets with prospects through Outreach and LinkedIn emails, tracking prospect engagement at a granular level. This is on the back of recent integrations with Google Drive, Sharepoint, Egnyte, and deeper integration with Salesforce.

For managers:

  • Manager Command Center — Sales managers have one of the toughest jobs in any company. They are always stretched for time and don’t always have a methodical way to drive team performance. That changes with the launch of the Manager Command Center, giving frontline managers a cockpit view into their team’s skills, actions, and performance gaps. Managers get prescriptive and actionable insights tailored to their priorities.
  • Readiness Index templates — Benchmarking sellers is easier with Ideal Rep Profiles, which give visibility into each rep’s strengths and weaknesses based on top industry standards. Mindtickle curated the competencies that truly matter based on a rich and diverse set of customers ranging in size and industry. Selling organizations can now decode sellers’ competency gaps so they can truly move the middle and drive superior sales performance.

For revenue enablement teams:

  • AI content creation – For sales enablement managers, training content creation takes up most of their time. Enablement admins can now give simple prompts and get an AI-generated course outline combining active learning, passive learning, and assessments.

Nishant Mungali, Mindtickle’s co-founder and chief product officer, said, “As AI technology progresses and matures, Mindtickle is at the forefront, putting it to good use to serve our customers. In our first iteration, we made revenue teams more efficient. With every subsequent iteration, we will make them more effective as well. This will give valuable time back to our customers so they can do more long-term, strategic thinking.”

To learn more about Mindtickle’s latest product announcement, register for our webinar on June 5.

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Mindtickle is the market-leading revenue productivity platform that combines on-the-job learning and deal execution to drive behavior change and get more revenue per rep. Mindtickle is recognized as a market leader by top industry analysts and is ranked by G2 as the #1 sales onboarding and training product. This year, Mindtickle was recognized for its outstanding customer support winning a Bronze Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service.

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