Mindtickle Enhances Revenue Productivity Platform with Mindtickle Copilot


Copilot introduces the power of generative AI to revenue teams using Mindtickle

SAN FRANCISCO – August 23, 2023 – Mindtickle, the global leader in revenue productivity, today announced the launch of Mindtickle Copilot. Built using generative AI, Copilot helps revenue organizations analyze team performance fast and efficiently. It can also automatically create practice and reinforcement mechanisms to ensure training for go-to-market teams is impactful and drives long-term growth.

Given today’s competitive landscape and market realities, revenue organizations are juggling a number of strategic priorities, with limited time to execute. Mindtickle’s Copilot is built to support everyone on the revenue team – from sales or customer success reps to sales managers, enablement, and operations. It simplifies, automates, and accelerates work for customer-facing teams, so they can focus on delivering tailored customer and buyer experiences that secure more revenue.

Built on top of Mindtickle’s existing AI capabilities like conversation intelligence and role-play analysis, Copilot’s capabilities span Mindtickle’s suite of revenue enablement and revenue operations solutions. Copilot helps managers surface deal risks and deliver targeted coaching to their reps, while helping sellers prep and follow up after prospect conversations with rapid call reviews and insights.

Copilot helps revenue enablement teams upskill their go-to-market resources by creating training quickly. It can create an assessment or quiz based on a company’s learning content to quickly test rep knowledge. This is particularly useful for small or resource-constrained sales training and enablement teams that want to automate parts of program creation and focus on driving engagement and business results.

“We have only scratched the surface of what is possible with this exciting new technology,” says Krishna Depura, CEO at Mindtickle. “We are taking a human-centric, privacy-oriented approach to applying it. The goal is to help teams be more efficient with their time so they can focus on their high-value tasks with critical insights on a path to execution, while Copilot takes on more of the busy work, like analyzing program performance and simplifying call reviews.”

There are several exciting revenue productivity use cases in which Copilot can be applied, including:

  • Coaching and upskilling go-to-market personnel. Copilot can be used to create role-play scenarios, such as video pitches or messaging practice. It can optionally score and review role-play submissions in great detail. Copilot reviews are optional in role-plays and can be used in situations where enablement teams want to launch a role-play challenge at scale.
  • Deal analysis. Sales managers and reps can use copilot to quickly review and gain valuable insights into customer call recordings. Rather than digging through transcripts or relying on tagging, they can simply ask Copilot questions like “What objections did my prospect have during this call?” or “What competitor was mentioned during this call?” Copilot’s responses to these questions can help reps self-coach, perform better follow-ups, and accelerate deals. They can also help managers identify evidence of skill-related issues, deal risks, or churn risks in conversations with prospects and customers.
  • Analysis of enablement or training programs. For enablement or ops teams that want to analyze data in Mindtickle, Copilot can accelerate the process of data extraction, analysis, and understanding. This helps businesses get to critical decisions much faster. For example, a team could simply ask Copilot in a chat interface, “Which region is struggling with Discovery skills?” or “Which managers are spending the most time coaching their reps?” Copilot can return ready-to-use insights immediately.

Unlike publicly available forms of AI like ChatGPT, Mindtickle’s Copilot was created for organizations with the highest levels of security, privacy, and compliance in mind. Our customers can ensure they are using a safe, enterprise-ready, and ethical version of AI with Copilot. For teams that are still working on their AI guidelines or strategy, Mindtickle provides feature documentation for review and an option to test the features in a sandbox site before actually using them. AI Copilot features are completely optional, behind a feature flag, turned off by default, and can be turned on individually after evaluation.

“Mindtickle delivers AI responsibly through the use of ethical data practices and privacy to make it safe and secure for our customers,” says Deepak Diwakar, COO at Mindtickle. “From the outset, we developed Mindtickle’s Responsible AI Principles which guided the ideation, development, and testing of Copilot’s capabilities to prevent bias and discrimination while providing a safe, transparent, and reliable experience. This new approach has become a pillar of how we will introduce new AI features in the Mindtickle platform moving forward to ensure our AI offerings are ethical and serve the best interests of our customers.”

Mindtickle’s model will not learn from or share customer data across instances, and ensures users’ personal data is not enriched and that information is only temporarily shared with machine learning systems. Mindtickle has also opted out of sharing customer information, even in the pseudonymized or anonymized form, to train or improve AI models.

This is just the beginning of the capabilities that Copilot unlocks. Upcoming releases include powerful capabilities for sellers like two-way interactive roleplay capabilities, Copilot chat for just-in-time enablement, and auto-responses to buyer questions in Digital Sales Rooms.

To see Copilot in action, register for the upcoming live demo on Thursday, September 7 at 9 am PT/12 pm ET or visit www.mindtickle.com/platform/copilot.

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