Mindtickle Partners with Healthcare Sales Performance for Sales Readiness in the Life Sciences Industries

Partners to showcase solution for Sales Readiness at 12th Annual Medical Device & Diagnostic Sales Training and Development event.

SAN FRANCISCO — February 26th, 2019—Mindtickle, the leader in Sales Readiness technology, today announced a partnership with Healthcare Sales Performance (HSP) to help medical device, diagnostic and life science companies increase gross sales, improve team productivity and reduce onboarding and training costs. Through developing, training, coaching and measuring selling behaviors, the partnership enables more efficient and effective sales coaching, boosts new hire productivity and enhances product launches, events and training programs resulting in field effectiveness for life sciences companies.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Mindtickle. As the healthcare market shifts, it puts pressure on sales organizations to adapt in order to be competitive,” Matt Switzer, co-founder and sales consultant at Healthcare Sales Performance. “That’s why we are so excited to be able to deliver a combination of healthcare-specific methodology, coaching effectiveness and performance analytics to our Life Sciences customers. Our customers will be able to impact sales results with relatively minimal resources and amazing speed of execution.”

The healthcare buying process has changed dramatically and manufacturers can no longer rely on sales relationships to navigate the healthcare buying process, as decisions are less clinical and more economical in nature. BioPharma and Medical Technology manufacturers and distributors must connect sales competencies, knowledge, messaging and skill, and align that with hospital structure, buying process, to reach healthcare customers. The partnership of HSP and Mindtickle offers an industry-specific commercial readiness solution for knowledge transfer, front-line manager coaching and reinforcement that allows reps to be competitive in the markets and close more sales

“There’s a perfect storm of market forces ranging from the increasing power of IDN and group-based purchasing to reliance on clinical evidence impacting the buying the hospital process. Reps must be continuously readied with online learning and coaching to have value-driven conversations tied to patient outcomes. This requires a modern approach blending technology and experiences to guide life sciences companies on the right mix of skills and behaviors to make salespeople successful,” said Gopkiran Rao, senior vice president of strategy and go to market at Mindtickle. “With HSP and Mindtickle, life sciences companies can measurably drive the knowledge, capabilities, and engagement required to drive better outcomes.”

Mindtickle is pleased to be a Gold Sponsor of the 12th Annual Medical Device & Diagnostic Sales Training and Development event, February 26-27 at the Sheraton Charlotte in North Carolina. Tom Griffin, Sr. Director, Commercial Strategy Execution at Endologix will be joined by Pam Switzer from HSP for a discussion on Wednesday the 27th entitled Blended Learning Best Practices That Boost Knowledge Retention. In this session, attendees will learn from Endologix about their journey in transforming key commercial readiness and related sales training initiatives across sales onboarding, product launches, field updates and how they put their sales training strategy on a modern footing. The presentation will showcase the programs, methodologies, and a new partnership that combines healthcare sales methodology with sales enablement and readiness technology.

For more information about the partnership and joint solution, you can learn more here.

About Healthcare Sales Performance

Healthcare Sales Performance (HSP), Inc. is a research, training and sales performance company committed to the advancement of healthcare through supporting the introduction of innovation to the marketplace. For over 25 years, HSP has consulted with the generators of healthcare innovation and healthcare providers to improve collaboration, adoption of change and outcomes for vendors, health systems and patients.

About Mindtickle

Mindtickle provides a comprehensive, data-driven solution for sales readiness and enablement that fuels revenue growth and brand affinity. Its purpose-built applications, proven methodologies, and best practices are designed to drive effective sales onboarding and ongoing readiness. With Mindtickle, company leaders and sellers can continually assess, diagnose and develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to effectively engage customers and drive growth. Companies across a wide range of industries use Mindtickle’s innovative capabilities for on-demand, online training, bite-sized mobile updates, gamification-based learning, coaching and role-play to ensure world-class sales performance. Mindtickle is a global, privately-held company headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Visit them at www.Mindtickle.com.


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