Mindtickle Unveils Sales Coaching Rooms to Empower Front-Line Managers

Mindtickle 2022 Spring Announcement

Latest Product Provides Front-Line Sales Managers With the Actionable Insights, Resources, and a Single Interface to Deliver More Impactful and Personalized Coaching That Drives Seller Transformation

SAN FRANCISCO — March 22, 2022 — Mindtickle, the leader in sales readiness technology, today announced the launch of Sales Coaching Rooms, a new product that empowers front-line managers to offer impactful feedback to their teams quickly and effectively within the flow of their day. The new capability is part of Mindtickle’s Spring 2022 release of its Sales Readiness Platform, a central place for revenue leadership to unify seller data, enhance team performance and adapt to changes in their rapidly changing business environments.

As part of their bi-annual product announcement, Mindtickle is unveiling:

  • Sales Coaching Rooms for a single location to move deals forward and build the long-term skills reps need to succeed in the field
  • Role and team-based Ideal Rep Profiles (IRPs) to define and track the ideal skills and behaviors of different sales roles
  • Asset sharing, tracking and analytics to gather content-based engagement and deal intelligence
  • Role-based winning behaviors in Call AI to set benchmarks for call metrics of your different go-to-market teams
  • Embedded questions in videos to boost seller engagement and knowledge during longer-form video content

Sales Coaching Rooms add significant firepower to Mindtickle’s Sales Readiness Platform, as the industry’s first tool to focus on making front-line managers better mentors and coaches. The product offers a number of time-saving and productivity-boosting features, including:

  • Coaching within conversation intelligence (Call AI) to support coaching in the context of real selling or customer support situations
  • Coaching integrated with enablement content to drive long-term skill development through practice and reinforcement
  • Self-coaching so reps can evaluate their own performance and compare gaps with manager feedback for better one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Coaching outcomes factored into the Mindtickle Readiness Index, showing leadership a full-picture view of the readiness of their teams and individuals
  • Actionable insights for front-line managers into the lagging skills of individuals to deliver personalized coaching

Rep turnover is a serious problem among revenue organizations, with voluntary sales departures reaching as high as 67% last August. And, with every seller’s departure costing sales leaders 7.5 months of productivity, the front-line manager’s ability to hold onto their reps and help them succeed has never been more important. Sales coaching has been proven to reverse this trend. Recent Mindtickle research found that 8 out of 10 teams with effective coaching practices hit greater than 75% of their sales quotas. Still, according to Mindtickle’s “State of Sales Readiness 2022 Benchmark Report,” significant hurdles stand in the way of front-line managers’ ability to coach effectively. Managers cite lack of time as the No. 1 barrier to coaching, along with technology, the number of reps they manage, and a lack of formal processes. In addition, traditional sales coaching tools focus purely on rating sellers based on static forms. The insights shared never get utilized effectively in enablement and training programs, making it difficult to reinforce coaching sessions. As a result, coaching is often limited to ad-hoc deal reviews, which isn’t enough to move the needle.

“With Mindtickle as Splunk Coach’s engine, Splunk can now begin to take action on its main enablement objectives, including increasing sales rep productivity and overall revenue impact, and creating more engaging and personalized learning journeys,” said Krishna Saw, Senior Systems Manager, Enablement and Content Platforms, Splunk.

“Our customers recognize that enablement and training can’t solely move the needle on in-field performance. Seller transformation can only happen when you have enablement and coaching working in parallel,” said Nishant Mungali, Chief Product Officer, Mindtickle. “Sales Coaching Rooms provide managers with coaching insights and deal collaboration tools in a single view to save them time while reinforcing coaching with enablement and training content for long-term skill development.”

Introducing Role-Based Ideal Rep Profiles and Winning Behaviors

In Mindtickle’s previous product announcement last September, Ideal Rep Profiles were launched, unifying seller data with a readiness score that mapped learning behaviors and training performance with business metrics directly from CRM data. Building on that vision, Mindtickle is enhancing Ideal Rep Profiles with role-based capabilities to define the unique set of skills and behaviors that lead to success for different go-to-market teams. With those skills and behaviors defined in the Mindtickle Sales Readiness Platform, sales leaders can then track individual sellers against stated benchmarks, and use that data to inform personalized training and coaching. For RevOps leaders, the IRP can be used as a model to predict individual reps’ sales readiness — ramp time, time to first deal, time to productivity, etc. When individual reps are measured against the IRP, RevOps leaders have a more predictable plan for revenue growth.

For more information about Sales Coaching Rooms, Role-Based IRPs or additional Mindtickle solutions, please visit mindtickle.com to speak with a sales readiness expert. Click here to download a copy of Mindtickle’s “State of Sales Readiness 2022 Benchmark Report.”

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