Baker Communications

Baker Communications uses data science to help its customers build world-class sales teams. BCI uses sales-specific diagnostic tools to identify sales team members’ strengths and opportunities for growth and improvement. They also provide individualized training and coaching solutions for each member of your team.

Mindtickle and Baker Communications

The Mindtickle and Baker Communications partnership uses a unified sales readiness approach, based on data science, to help customers build world-class sales teams.


Diagnostic tools and AI technology to identify sales team members’ strengths and weaknesses


Continuous state

Create a continuous state of sales readiness and excellence, using the Mindtickle platform to increase knowledge that is accessible anytime, anywhere

Targeted training

Provide targeted training, assessment, and coaching solutions for each individual based on skill gaps

Enhanced performance

Sales team performance is enhanced through sales enablement, sales content management, conversation intelligence, sales coaching and analytics aligned with the ideal rep profile

Unleashing Growth: Mindtickle and Baker's Powerful Partnership

Our joint Offering

Mindtickle’s joint offering with Baker Communication Inc. provides organizations with a solution combining sales-competency specific benchmarking and diagnostics, comprehensive sales excellence programs, and a portfolio of coaching and assessment services focused on maximizing the potential of every seller, based on the seller’s strengths and weaknesses. The outcome results in maximizing individual seller performance that drives top-line growth for organizations. The joint offering includes:

• Salesperson Excellence Series in Mindtickle
• Sales Manager Excellence Series in Mindtickle
• BCI SalesDiagnosticTM

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The Economy and Getting Ready for 2023

The topics we’ll discuss are these:

  • Are we really in a recession? 
  • What are we and our clients experiencing in the marketplace? 
  • Is it a universal problem, or will some industries and customers thrive?
  • What can we do to mitigate the downturn? 
  • What are the characteristics of the salespeople that succeed in these times? 
  • What can we do to up the skills of our teams? 
  • Summary and Q&A

Leading by example

Mindtickle has been recognized by industry analysts and customers alike as a leader in sales readiness and enablement.

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