What is sales acceleration?

Sales acceleration is a strategy that unites different resources and skill sets to deliver impactful experiences to customers. From content and sales enablement assets to data and analytics, go-to-market teams work together to engage with buyers on a meaningful level, thereby “accelerating” the sales process.

This approach is based on a book called The Sales Acceleration Formula by Mark Roberge. The book encourages teams to combine tools, processes, and habits to create the ultimate sales acceleration strategy.

Here’s what that means for you and how you can use your own sales acceleration formula to close more deals.

Why is sales acceleration important for sales teams?

Accelerating sales helps businesses understand and serve their customers — which, in turn, creates numerous sales opportunities and supports key performance indicators (KPIs). Take a look at how much difference a sales acceleration strategy can make:

Different forms of sales acceleration

Sales acceleration solutions come in all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Market research: Gathering information about your customers and their businesses.
  • Lead scoring: Determining lead value based on predetermined factors.
  • Lead routing: Distributing leads to different sales reps.
  • Lead qualification: Assigning lead categories based on readiness for a deal.

Notice that each of these approaches helps engage the customer and accelerate the sales process at the same time.

Sales acceleration tools

To make meaningful connections with customers, your teams need the right sales acceleration tools. This can include:

  • CRM tools: Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions help you track, understand, and improve engagements and interactions. Salesforce is an example of a CRM tool.
  • Communication platforms: Communication platforms such as Zoom or Slack help keep internal teams connected to further accelerate sales.
  • BI tools: Business intelligence (BI) tools, including SharePoint, gather data from marketing and sales cycles for analysis, strategy improvement, and sales acceleration.
  • Sales enablement tools: A sales enablement or sales acceleration platform like Mindtickle combines these functionalities for a complete view of the sales landscape and associated data.

How to create a sales acceleration strategy

The Sales Acceleration Formula provides general guidance on building your own strategy. Here are a few similar ideas you can adapt and utilize:

  • Provide better onboarding and training to help reps understand what an accelerated sales process looks like and why it matters.
  • Offer ongoing feedback based on data from monitored interactions to support consistent growth and improvement.
  • Invest in sales acceleration software with capabilities such as call AI and conversation intelligence.
  • Use data insights and revenue intelligence to make key sales decisions.
  • Ensure interdepartmental accountability using tools that track tasks, outcomes, and more.
  • Keep track of sales acceleration solutions to gain insight into best practices.

How does Mindtickle help with sales acceleration?

Mindtickle is more than a sales acceleration platform. It’s a digitized environment for all your sales interactions and content — which means you don’t just accelerate sales; you improve, enable, and support them.

A single, user-friendly platform like Mindtickle makes it easy to monitor sales reps, provide feedback, and improve productivity. Our conversation intelligence solutions empower you to customize coaching, make targeted workflow improvements, leverage different sales acceleration solutions, and close more deals.

Our offerings include:

That means Mindtickle supports your sales reps and other go-to-market teams no matter how long they’ve been with your company. A united platform enables a united approach, and that’s the key to any good sales acceleration strategy.

Schedule a demo today to see how Mindtickle makes sales acceleration simple.