Be Ready to
Grow Revenue

Revenue leaders trust Mindtickle’s Sales Readiness Platform to identify and drive winning rep behaviors.

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Be Ready to
Grow Revenue

Revenue leaders trust Mindtickle’s Sales Readiness Platform to identify and drive winning rep behaviors.

Join us October 26 at 8:30am PT for a live demo.

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What is sales readiness?

Sales readiness is a continuous state of excellence to grow revenue by using a suite of tools and processes to increase knowledge, enhance performance, and adapt to change.

Sales readiness framework

The sales readiness framework outlines what revenue, sales, and enablement leaders must do to achieve a continuous state of excellence. The framework helps you identify the traits you want in your reps, enable and coach based on these traits, and then measure in-field performance to address gaps at the individual level.


Do you know which seller competencies drive excellence? Revenue leaders should partner with their organizations to define a Readiness Index that sets a baseline for what knowledge, skills, and capabilities each sales rep in your organization should possess.

Traditional one-and-done sales enablement programs are often forgotten long before they’re used in the field. Instead, use a combination of micro-learning, spaced reinforcement activities, and gamified engagement techniques to make knowledge sticks–not just for onboarding, but for all of your reps’ ongoing enablement needs.

Great content can be a powerful weapon for salespeople, but 90% of marketing content goes unused. Instead, prepare salespeople with the right just-in-time training, sales assets, and marketing collateral that’s perfectly aligned for every selling situation.

Nothing speaks louder than the real-world interactions revenue teams have with prospects and customers. With AI-powered conversational intelligence, sales leaders know what’s happening in the field. They can then tie that back to competencies that were or weren’t achieved in enablement programs.

With the insights derived from field interactions and rep competencies, sales leadership can now follow up with sales coaching to close the loop. This makes sales coaching bespoke. It helps each and every rep bridge critical skill gaps and become a top performer.

Solutions for revenue teams

Create continuous excellence by providing personalized learning experiences that incorporate gamified, spaced reinforcement, and role-play exercises to ensure knowledge and skills remain sharp for every buyer interaction.

Gain insight into winning behaviors using AI-powered conversation intelligence. Identify skill gaps in customer interactions. Then prescribe coaching, training, and practice needed to improve on key competencies.

Create a coaching culture by empowering frontline managers to deliver personalized 1-1 and team coaching. Gain visibility into individual and team skill gaps that affect revenue outcomes and offer targeted advice.

Align content to the right revenue moments by easily Identifying key correlations between content and results, and promote successful behaviors throughout the organization. 

Identify competency strengths and weaknesses among individuals, teams, and the whole organization. Understand which programs create real impact on knowledge and skills. Feed frontline managers the information they need to guide their team.

Why invest in sales readiness?

Traditional sales enablement programs adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to preparing salespeople
to be effective in the field.

In contrast, the sales readiness approach identifies and remediates skill gaps at the individual level. It helps revenue leaders, enablement, and frontline managers impact performance at the rep and the team level.


Revenue improvement per rep


Faster ramp time


Increase in customer satisfaction

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