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 Sales Readiness Solution
Onboarding. Ongoing. Coaching

Accelerate time-to-productivity of new sales reps

Sales Onboarding

Blend of online training and task-based coaching that quickly ramps up new sales reps on "what to sell" and "how to sell".

Assess & Certify Sales Readiness

10+ types of quiz formats for measuring sales rep knowledge, and for identifying learning gaps

Track & Measure

Identify your top performers, and push the bell curve forward through intuitive analytics and reports.

Pitch Testing

Practice and record sales pitch and objection handling; asynchronous workflow for peer-to-peer and manager feedback

Keep your sales team on top of their game

Real time updates and notifications

Push out product updates and success stories in matter of minutes to both web and mobile.

Tips and Tricks

Share best practices on prospecting, qualification and closing.


Periodically assess the sales readiness of your team; the quizzes also double up as regular memory refreshers.

Integrated into CRM

Deliver sales training that integrates seamlessly into Salesforce.com.

Enable managers to coach effectively

Structured coaching

Save manager time and tighten the feedback loop through an asynchronous online workflow.

Deep insights and data science

Helps identify readiness gaps of each rep, and allows for individualized guidance.

Peer-to-peer feedback and collaboration

Enable the sales team to review each other sales pitches and share valuable inputs.

Sharing of best practices

Share tips and reminders to reinforce the coaching and drive behavioral change.

MindTickle delivers consistent results and high adoption

High Adoption

MindTickle's award-winning social and gamified platform delivers high user adoption and engagement consistently.

Anytime Anywhere

Native Mobile app and responsive design built on HTML5 delivers a rich user experience with high usability.

Powerful Reporting

Pull reports, slice and dice data and analyze performance of sales teams by location, department, product line or any custom parameter.

Data visualization and dashboards

Summary readiness scores for the busy executives looking for headlines; three levels of drill-down into company, group and individual performance.


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