Accessibility Features Provided by Mindtickle Platform

We believe that making our products accessible to lesser-abled persons is important and we strive towards making Mindtickle compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 Level A and Section 508 as well as the Americans with Disability Act (ADA)


Descriptive text

Clear, descriptive text is used for page titles and headings.

Clear forms

Forms have coded labels for fields, clear error indicators, and instructions on fields and how to fix form errors.

Color alone does not convey meaning

Color is not used as the only means to convey information or instruction.

Control and Appearance

No automatic video or audio

Video and audio will not play unless a user initiates.

No Zoom text

Zooming text by up to 200% is supported without negatively affecting readability.


Skip navigation

A skip navigation link is available on every content page of the training modules. 


A default language (U.S. English) is set for the platform. 


Search function

A search function is provided for, at a minimum, on the homepage.

Content Alternatives

Text transcripts

All audio and video files can be accompanied by a text transcript associated with the file to accurately display the full meaning conveyed in the audio or video.

Extraneous documents

All documents, such as PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, Excel files, Microsoft Word documents, etc., meet basic respective accessibility requirements.


Closed captioning

The platform provides functionality to embed videos containing meaningful, accurate, synced closed captioning.