[Podcast] The Compelling Business Value of Modern Sales Readiness

Although most organizations achieve their sales revenue targets, why does individual sales performance continue to struggle, with almost half of sellers still not meeting quota goals and less than half of deals forecasted actually closing? Consistency and predictability remain a challenge.

Modern Sales Readiness offers a potential answer. Listen to Gopkiran Rao, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Mindtickle speak with Tom “The ROI Guy” Pisello, Chief Evangelist at Mediafly and Founder of the Evolved Selling Institute.

Gop discusses helping sales teams evolve from traditional boot camps and in-person traditional training to leveraging a platform for continuous, ongoing learning of “on message” and “on task” capabilities needed for every individual seller to succeed.

In this session, Gop and Tom discuss the current sales performance challenges, ways sales readiness can help bridge the gap, and how Mindtickle leverages their Readiness Value Assessment Tool to better communicate and quantify the value of readiness to frugal prospects.