Mindtickle and PSI: Helping Sellers Speak the Customer’s Language

Do you know what “TK” means in life sciences? How about “kaizen” in manufacturing? Do you understand how AI is affecting financial services or how the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing manufacturing models? For new reps selling into these verticals, familiarity with industry hot topics and vertical-specific concepts like these may mean the difference between closing a deal and losing it. That’s one reason why Mindtickle and Performance Solutions International (PSI) have joined forces in a new partnership.

Speaking the customer’s “language” is critical on many levels, but especially when companies go to market by industry. Reps selling in this environment must have a level of expertise that shows they are market-savvy, that they understand industry dynamics and challenges, and that they understand the products and services sold in the market. Engaging on a deeper level inspires trust and confidence in the seller’s ability to understand their needs and deliver a solution that will have a significant return on investment — critical elements in making a sale.

No one understands this more than PSI, a leading provider of industry-focused performance improvement services that empower professionals with the knowledge, industry context, and insights they need to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment. With its 25 years of experience, PSI is an expert in helping professionals understand specialized industry dynamics, including the competitive landscape, market trends, and key executive hot-button issues.

Together, Mindtickle and PSI offer Sales Readiness paths that drive knowledge specific to companies in financial services, manufacturing, health care, and life sciences, insurance, retail and technology, media and telecommunications. Mindtickle’s data-driven approach to gamification-based learning, virtual role play, and coaching is enriched by PSI’s industry wikis and eLearning curriculums. The combination of our offerings sets the stage for customer-facing professionals to become more than just sellers; but rather, knowledgeable and consultative advisors.

The genesis of our partnership with PSI was driven in large part by two Fortune 500 clients of both PSI and Mindtickle. A successful go-to-market strategy common among many large enterprises includes an industry-specific approach, as is the case with these joint clients. Both immediately saw that our solutions provide a winning combination to help prepare their reps to close more opportunities.

Our partnership with PSI emphasizes the importance of Sales Readiness. Gain what you need to know about how AI is affecting health care or financial services or how the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing manufacturing models. Then, build the skills and behaviors of a top producer. And, for those inquiring minds that want to know, “TK” is “toxicokinetics,” and “kaizen” is “the practice of focusing on continuous process improvement.” — two definitions that I know everyone can’t live without.