Mindtickle Expands AWS Partnership with ISV Accelerate Program and Marketplace Listing

Mindtickle continues to bolster its winning reputation in sales readiness, this time with news that it has expanded its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Mindtickle has joined the AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program and its solution, the Mindtickle Sales Readiness Platform, is now listed in AWS Marketplace.

A significant step in our ongoing collaboration with AWS, the AWS ISV Accelerate Program is a co-sell program for organizations that provide software solutions that run on or integrate with AWS. Mindtickle can reach a broader set of organizations and more quickly deploy readiness programs by connecting with the AWS Sales organization. In addition, the AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy for organizations to discover, procure, entitle, provision, and govern third-party software.

“The AWS ISV Accelerate Program enables greater reach into the AWS customer base and strengthens commitment. AWS ISVs have earned customer confidence as certified trusted partners,” said Stanley Chan, Head of Technology Partners, Asia-Pacific, and Japan, AWS.

Mindtickle went through AWS’s comprehensive review process, including an extensive technical review of the Mindtickle platform and architecture as well as validation of Mindtickle’s benefit for enterprise-level customers. Our enterprise-grade business application, the Sales Readiness Platform, has passed these reviews, validating our expertise in building on AWS and our proven customer success. Mindtickle underwent similar efforts to gain approval for its listing in AWS Marketplace.

There are several specific benefits that availability in AWS Marketplace will afford prospective Mindtickle customers. With the listing in AWS Marketplace, partners can offer their software products to customers around the world, enabling customers to launch Mindtickle’s software in minutes pre-configured to run on AWS. In addition, customers purchasing Mindtickle through the AWS Marketplace will have greater pricing flexibility and cost transparency to help manage software budgets. Finally, customers benefit from transforming their enablement program with the Mindtickle Sales Readiness Platform.

“A key benefit of our collaboration with AWS is offering the most advanced & comprehensive Sales Readiness Platform leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Our architecture helps ensure our current and future customers are continuously building a state of sales excellence in their organizations with dependable and reliable service and support,” said Deepak Diwakar, co-founder and CTO of Mindtickle. “We look forward to building on this collaboration to bring the Mindtickle platform to even more organizations to help them maximize the potential of their customer-facing teams and achieve their revenue goals. “

As Dr. Somnath Datta, head of commercial excellence at Janssen Pharmaceuticals, said about Mindtickle, “A platform with robust analytics and features to support sales readiness in the field has been at the heart of our entire sales learning and development transformation.”

Membership in the AWS ISV Accelerate Program and listing the Mindtickle Sales Readiness Platform in AWS Marketplace will be integral to Mindtickle’s ability to reach more organizations and increase our connections with AWS customers. We’re excited to work with the AWS team to jointly drive our customers toward achieving their business goals.

Mindtickle Partnerships Add Firepower to Customers’ Vertical GTM Strategy

If there is one thing we at Mindtickle have learned in our ceaseless pursuit to create a world-class Sales Readiness platform, it is the value of a strong partner ecosystem. Broadly speaking, partners enrich our market-leading offering, complementing the robust Mindtickle platform with the extra muscle needed to drive revenue growth faster and foster a culture of sales readiness for our customers. Some partnerships add to this by making it possible for Mindtickle to offer an even greater go-to-market value. Performance Solutions International (PSI), SalesSparx, and Menemsha Group are three such partners.

The vertical play with SalesSparx
Having a vertical go-to-market strategy has become increasingly important for companies today. While many technology products and solutions have historically been sold horizontally — across many industries — having a vertical-specific go-to-market strategy allows companies to capitalize on growth potential in particular markets. With this in mind, companies are looking for ways to make meaningful connections with their vertical customers that will yield more closed deals, faster.

SalesSparx enriches Mindtickle’s data-driven learning, training, and coaching capabilities with industry-specific playbooks, processes, and training needed to arm sellers in the B2B healthcare vertical — a huge market with equally huge revenue potential. The sales methodologies, strategies, and processes are created with the healthcare industry’s nuances in mind.

Alliances matter in staffing and recruiting
Similarly, Menemsha Group’s deep industry expertise complements the Mindtickle Sales Readiness platform — but for sales teams in the staffing and recruiting industry. A long-term Mindtickle partner, Menemsha provides the specific skills, knowledge, and messaging that staffing and recruitment sales teams need to move opportunities down the funnel. When Menemsha Group’s industry-focused solution is paired with Mindtickle’s platform for onboarding, skills development, training, coaching, and ongoing readiness, it results in more focused and relevant seller-to-customer interactions and a powerful way for customers to go to market

Cross-industry training content to uplevel sales conversations
Another way to build readiness in vertical-specific sales capability is by arming sellers with industry-specific knowledge and helping them demonstrate an empathetic understanding of their customers’ challenges. That’s where Performance Solutions International (PSI) comes in. PSI is a leader in industry-focused talent development and performance support that enables sales to understand their clients and prospects so they can better identify new opportunities and position solutions strategically. PSI further enriches the Mindtickle platform with industry language, market dynamics, regulatory requirements, common buyers, and supply-chain information. Together, Mindtickle and PSI clients can measurably achieve their sales readiness goals selling to businesses in financial services, health care, life sciences, insurance, manufacturing, technology, media, telecommunications, and more.

When Mindtickle’s data-driven learning, training, and coaching capabilities are paired with industry-specific content and expertise from PSI and SalesSparx, companies have an unrivaled solution to efficiently tackle the challenges inherent in selling into healthcare.

As today’s companies continue to make their vertical go-to-market strategies a priority, their sales team’s industry fluency, readiness to engage with buyers, and expertise become increasingly important factors in closing a deal. Thanks to its partnerships with companies like PSI, SalesSparx, and Menemsha Group, Mindtickle provides the firepower needed to help tip the scales in its customers’ favor, continuously improving sellers’ skill sets and knowledge, and ultimately driving better business outcomes.

Always Be Onboarding: The Peak Performance Mindset for Sellers

Gopkiran “Gop” Rao, Chief Strategy Officer at Mindtickle, recently joined Matt Benelli, Managing Director at Sandler Training, on the ACTivation Nation podcast. In his 20-year journey in B2B tech, Gop has focused on connecting processes, content, and tools that equip customer-facing representatives to engage customers over that time.

In this podcast, Gop and Matt discuss what issues organizations are now facing given the myriad factors impacting sellers and the selling environment, why onboarding as a standalone activity is unproductive, and how revenue and sales leaders can ensure their salespeople are equipped to engage with customers and work with them to solve their business problems. In this engaging conversation, Gop and Matt discuss the criticality of a seller’s skills, behaviors, and attitude when engaging with the buyer. It’s a seller’s journey of continuous progress towards peak performance. Here are four of the key takeaways:

Relearn how to sell virtually

Obviously, a lot has changed in the world since March of 2020. Almost overnight the world became more distributed, office-less, and digital. Rather than “pressing the flesh,” so to speak, we’ve had to convey the entirety of our experience as vendors and buyers through a 10 x 12-inch screen. This is not something that we as humans have really invested a lot of time and effort in, so now we must accelerate learning how to sell virtually and develop new skills.

Everyone is now a seller

We now have a pretty wide aperture through which we’re looking at the customer experience and their interaction with a brand. From the telemarketer to the field marketing person, to the Customer Success Manager and channel partner — each of these individuals are now sellers and each of them has to play from a common playbook that represents the corporate brand and be aligned to the revenue strategy. Each interaction is a potential revenue moment so people need to be trained and know how to apply their skills in each moment. And this will differ depending on when and how each engages with a prospect or customer.

Everboarding is essential

Many organizations spend a lot of time getting ready to get ready. You can no longer just onboard people because nothing is constant. Rather than trying to get everything in your salespeople’s heads from the start, equip them with the 20% they require to get them in the field and start being productive. You can then improve performance by systematically building skill and knowledge combined with optimizing in-field behavior through a constant series of mini-onboarding activities.

Personalization is key

Expecting two humans to come out of the same system, looking and behaving the same way is not realistic. Training, delivery, and engagement that takes into account the preferences, personality, and experience of each customer-facing individual key. If you don’t personalize training, you are leaving a huge opportunity on the table.

In the podcast, Gop shares his views on each of these success factors and talks about how revenue leaders can address them. He also explains why sales enablement leaders shouldn’t fast-fail, shares the worst advice he’s ever received, and shows how he turned around a big deal with one well-placed question.

Listen to the entire podcast here.

Partnering with The Ken Blanchard Companies to Help Leaders Thrive in the Digital-First, Remote-Ready Age

Enterprises today see the need to make a critical, immediate recalibration to the way they run and manage sales. What started as an immediate response to the pandemic – digital selling has now become the new normal; demanding changes in management and leadership skills to keep sales organizations upskilled, engaged, always on message, and capable of selling digitally as a team. To meet these needs, Mindtickle and our strategic partner The Ken Blanchard Companies have come together to enable businesses for a digital-ready generation of corporate and sales leadership in today’s uncertain, nearly all remote environment.

For more than 40 years, The Ken Blanchard Companies has provided management and leadership training programs backed by practical research, thought leadership, and scientific learning methodologies to develop results-oriented, proactive leaders that can confidently address business challenges. Its Situational Leadership® II (SLII®) program is a proven model that has been used to strengthen the leadership skills for more than 5 million managers in organizations around the world. It uses a proprietary method to teach managers how to become what they call “situational leaders” — ones who’re able to understand the evolving needs of the people they manage and adapt their leadership style to meet those needs.

To meet the needs of increasingly distributed teams, sales leaders must lean more heavily than ever on virtual upskilling programs including “blended learning” to maximize business performance. To this end, the partnership announced by The Ken Blanchard Companies and Mindtickle is a critical new program for global organizations as it brings the proven SLII® leadership development to leaders everywhere with a digital experience — adding the “virtual” element to the mix so that instruction and participation can be experienced both online and in the classroom.

By combining SLII® with Mindtickle, we are delivering personalized, prescriptive and guided content to managers when they need it, so they can continue learning in a virtual “classroom” (likely their home office for now). And, with an eye to the future, The Ken Blanchard Companies and Mindtickle are collaborating on expanding access to coaching, gamification, and role play.

Even though our partnership with The Ken Blanchard Companies came together before the pandemic changed the way we do business, the principles driving our joint efforts couldn’t be more timely. Together, Mindtickle and The Ken Blanchard Companies are addressing the challenge of enabling and applying leadership learning in the flow of remote work, because engaging users and building value-added relationships between sales leaders and those they manage will be important no matter what trials and tribulations the world faces.

Mindtickle and MEDDIC Academy Partner to Raise Your Sales Team’s Qualified-Leads Game

Every quarter, sales teams work tirelessly in pursuit of leads that might not ever turn into a sale anyway because they were unwinnable to begin with –the epitome of wasted time. Why not just eliminate unqualified leads and focus on pursuing only the qualified leads? (Sales is likely collectively chuckling at that question right now. If only it were that easy, they might ruefully say.)

But what if it was that easy? What if there was a methodology that significantly boosted the quota-carrying professional’s ability to disqualify opportunities unlikely to close and instead focus their energy on opportunities that would help them exceed their goals? And, what if sales people could be trained on that methodology, develop the requisite skills, and be coached on it through the Mindtickle platform?

Lucky for our global enterprise customers, our new go-to-market partnership with MEDDIC Academy makes this all a reality. With this partnership, MEDDIC Academy makes available its sales qualification methodology (“MEDDIC”) content on the Mindtickle platform in the form of self-paced e-learning, bite-sized microlearning content, virtual and in-person instructor-led training, and blended learning.

Created 20 years ago, MEDDIC itself emphasizes customer qualification specifically. It is often used as a complement to existing sales methodologies such as target account selling, which focus on enabling predictability and turning uncertainty into success across the sales cycle.

Specifically, through our partnership with MEDDIC Academy, customers will be able to:

  • Improve seller productivity and effectiveness with MEDDIC, and benchmark their success through assessments and checklists in Mindtickle
  • Standardize on a common language and sales methodology for teams to better qualify opportunities. (This will be achieved through the MEDDIC approach as well as by practicing knowledge learned on Mindtickle.)
  • Validate high performance provided by the MEDDIC methodology and leverage the Mindtickle Sales Capability Index™ (SCI) to measure seller effectiveness
  • Provide a way for recruiters and hiring managers to find high-performing candidates who are MEDDIC-certified, and then use Mindtickle to replicate their success across the entire sales team

MEDDIC has been used by many well-known software and SaaS vendors like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce.com and EMC for years, and is regarded as one of the most effective around. When applied to each stage of the customer engagement process, MEDDIC culls the qualified leads from the unqualified, ensuring only the right leads make it into the sales funnel. It truly shifts the urgency onto the buyer, positioning the product or solution as something the buyer needs to have and it’s now up to them to decide whether or not to move forward. It covers six elements, which can be defined as follows:

M = Metrics: Quantifiable measurements and proof of the business benefits of the solution

E = Economic Buyer: The individual within the customer’s organization who is required for the final approval

D = Decision Criteria: The formal solution requirements against which each participant in the decision process will evaluate

D = Decision Process: The process by which the customer will evaluate, select and purchase a solution

I = Identified Pain: The catalyst for the buyer solving the problem within a set time frame

C = Champion: The person with power and influence inside the customer’s organization who is actively selling on your behalf

The MEDDIC-Mindtickle partnership is a natural fit for any company that wants to help their sales team focus on opportunities they’re more likely to close. And really, what company doesn’t? If you’d like to read more about MEDDIC, take a look at Darius Lahoutifard’s new book, Always Be Qualifying, available now on Amazon.

For more on MindTicke’s partnership with the MEDDIC Academy, listen to the podcast with Darius Lahoutifard here!

Mindtickle and Halifax Consulting: Driving the Future Sales Readiness In Europe Through a Unified Enablement Approach

The world was already moving away from classroom training toward a more ‘blended’ approach — a mix of face-to-face instruction with technology-mediated activities — becoming the preferred model for sales training among today’s organizations. According to Training Magazine’s 2018 Training Industry Report, 69.3% of training hours were delivered with blended learning techniques in 2018, up significantly from 34.7% the year before. But now, having a virtual training option is no longer optional, it’s mandatory. With its cloud-based Sales Readiness platform, Mindtickle is integral to organizations’ virtual and blended learning initiatives, and, together with partners like Halifax Consulting, we’re driving the future of learning and readiness in markets around the world.

Based in Paris, Halifax has been offering consulting and training services to organizations since 2003. Halifax’s Best-Sellers programs include the DEAL® method (business negotiation skills), the LEAD® method (mastering sales skills), the PAC$® method (skills for accelerating growth of large, key accounts), the 5i 5o® method (inside sales) and the BOSS® method (management skills). The company offers its training content in six European languages — English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese — as well as Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. Halifax has historically worked with a range of vendors to provide its online sales training through various point solutions that provide video role playing, coaching, among others. However, its partnership with Mindtickle represents the first holistic solution that addresses all of these capabilities and more to create a unified user experience to true sales capability.

Specifically, Halifax is using Mindtickle as its digital delivery platform for its DEAL® method. The scope of the training includes understanding the balance of power in negotiations, preparing and structuring a negotiation, and how to perform in face-to-face negotiations. To help DEAL® method participants become proficient in negotiation skills, sellers engage with materials through the Mindtickle platform to review before the live class. (Interestingly, Halifax has noted that 80% of its business in the past 10 years has been for pre-class training.) Post-class, Mindtickle provides spaced reinforcement, microlearning, certifications, coaching and role play to deliver a prescriptive and personalized readiness path for each DEAL® student. Combined with Halifax’s in-person training, customers get an all-in-one, unified, blended-learning experience.

Mindtickle’s partnership with Halifax has the added benefit of cultural feet on the ground in markets where culture and language can often be barriers to success. As you know — in addition to its U.S. and India offices — Mindtickle has a U.K.-based office to serve customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa. With help from Halifax’s multi-lingual reps, Mindtickle now has partners to help us serve the French and German markets — and later, the Spain, Italy and Portugal markets (languages that, combined, represent 80% of Halifax’s current content).

Our partnership with Halifax is a real win for Mindtickle, as it unites two leaders committed to bringing blended learning to the next level for customer-facing reps around the world. Not only do users benefit, so do each of us — Halifax, with an all-in-one solution for unified sales enablement and readiness; and Mindtickle, with opportunities to tap into a larger market abroad. We look forward to many more years working with Halifax. We welcome Halifax Consulting to our partner ecosystem!

4 Questions Sandler and Mindtickle Customers are Asking to Assess Digital Selling Readiness

In the midst of a socioeconomic crisis brought about by COVID-19, organizations are racing to resiliency by embracing telework and remote communications and collaboration approaches as they prepare for a new paradigm, in which all their employees will be remote some of the time, and many will be remote all of the time. Sales leaders especially — charged with shaping the team that brings in revenue for an organization — must make sure their tactics and strategies for training are as effective virtually as they were in the office. To this end, sales leaders are driving initiatives that digitally onboard, train, develop skills, and coach their team members to adopt the digital skills required to make today’s remote customer engagement effective .

As Mindtickle’s Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Gopkiran Rao pointed out in a recent podcast with Sandler Training’s CEO and President Dave Mattson, “This is either a challenge or opportunity for every company out there” (especially when both the buyer and the seller are remote). Of course, while the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of desklessness, the reality is that the global workforce has been moving toward predominantly remote work for a while now.

The podcast discussion began with an overview of the pandemic’s role in reframing our idea of the workplace, but surfaced a number of critical market drivers and conditions as to why equipping field teams for the digital field has been such a challenge for companies in the pandemic environment.

Often with many stakeholders across sales operations, sales training, corporate learning, marketing and frontline sales management focusing on different aspects of seller engagement and productivity, there is breakdown in communication. Understanding this disconnect and determining where an organization falls short in developing a common language to uplevel sales skill can be challenging, and requires stakeholders to think more deeply about their current sales readiness programs, especially in the context of working remotely. Gop and Dave pointed out that now especially, the questions to ask include:

  • Do you have remote selling proficiency and how do you measure and reinforce it?
  • Do you have the ability to engage and educate your sellers in the flow of work, which is increasingly intermingled with the flow of life?
  • Do you have the ability to drive spaced reinforcements of key content and skill critical to engaging remote buyers?
  • Do you have the ability to do virtual ride-alongs, or shadowing and quickly address gaps in digital-first selling skill?

The partnership began earlier this year and was almost immediately recognized by leading analyst firm, Forrester Research. In the Forrester Wave™: Sales Training And Services, Q1 2020 by Mary Shea she pointed out that “Sandler Training leans into a self-service, always-on model… In partnership with Mindtickle, the provider embeds its training content into the sales readiness vendor’s tool.” Mary explained that “Sandler Training has made a strategic decision to reduce dependencies on ILT and diversify its training delivery methods. Within the past decade, the provider has pivoted to include learning management systems and online content offerings within a self-service model that leverages top-tier technologies and encourages users to access training content directly from its platform.”

And when the Mindtickle-Sandler partnership was formally announced in June, it couldn’t have come at a better time. The Sandler-Mindtickle partnership is important to addressing common pain points of organizations, because it is a focused effort to align many stakeholders responsible for parts of sales learning, management and coaching and execution. In the podcast, Gop and Dave agreed that the partnership enables a common language, set of processes, skills and knowledge that drive the business outcomes that customers are looking for. In today’s climate, in which organizations’ employees are not only working from home, but are also required to stay effective and engaged with both their teams and their remote customers. It’s more important than ever to be aligned on a repeatable methodology, professional learning, manager observation and intervention, and seller execution. By virtue of Mindtickle’s data-driven virtual training and coaching sales readiness platform and Sandler’s best-in-class sales training, organizations have a standard playbook of best practices, content training, coaching, visibility and expertise that is accessible anytime and anywhere.

Dave said that having this common language and being aligned on methodology is important because it “raises your game so much faster, which is good for the organization, good for the individual and good for the client. It’s a winning combination.”

Only technology (Mindtickle) combined with methodology (Sandler) can make possible affirmative answers to these questions.

In a deskless world, it’s more important than ever for sales teams to be enabled and ready to improve their success rates wherever they are. Together, Mindtickle and Sandler are the “what” and the “how” combined in one partnership to address this need: instilling a transformational virtual sales training and coaching culture of applied knowledge, skills development and behavior change in a joint solution.

Catch Gop and Dave’s entire conversation in a 30-minute podcast. Click here to take a listen.

Mindtickle and Sandler Training: Partnering to Deliver World-Class Sales Readiness

If you know anything about Mindtickle, you know we’ve enjoyed some pretty significant growth in the past year — almost 170% growth in enterprise customer acquisition. Driving that growth is the understanding among today’s organizations that their sales readiness programs must provide reps with much more than just content for training. They need a systematic approach to continuous learning, skill development, and coaching. Another element driving Mindtickle’s growth is strategic partnerships with companies like Sandler Training.

Sandler sales training specializes in solving complex business challenges through proven systems for communicating with, developing, and motivating salespeople. Founder David Sandler developed the Sandler Selling System in 1967, a seven-step program to teach best practices for sales, leadership, and organizational success. Today, the company is one of the leading sales training and leadership development companies in the world.

Recently, Mindtickle partnered with Sandler Training to create a unified learning experience for its users. By virtue of the Mindtickle platform, Sandler sales training is now augmented with elements of coaching and gamification to reinforce best practices and keep salespeople engaged. As part of this, data generated by users through the platform informs sales leaders about skills that need improvement or where there may be gaps in their reps’ knowledge. This data prompts sales leaders to suggest content that can be consumed to reinforce specific concepts.

Our partnership with Sandler Training also speaks to a theme we’re currently seeing among all of our partnerships, and that’s the idea of blended learning. That is, incorporating both classroom – be it virtual or in-person – and online learning into sales training. By itself, the in-person, classroom learning that our partners like Sandler can provide certainly has its benefits. Aside from the obvious challenge of current work-from-home mandates – there exist some drawbacks as well. For example, classroom learning is, essentially, one episode, not a continuum. A classroom training session might last for a day or two, then it’s over. After that, the “Forgetting Curve” sets in — the rate at which humans forget information if there’s no attempt to retain it. By delivering training via a platform like Mindtickle’s, Sandler can offer reinforcement of knowledge or skills training over time, rather than just the duration of a single training class.

And, with the shelter in place/stay home mandates still in effect due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many, if not most, reps are working from home anyway, and virtual online learning is likely their primary avenue for training. Indeed, our partnership couldn’t have come at a more critical time.

Aside from our technology collaboration, our partnership with Sandler combines the strengths of our companies’ broader teams allowing our joint solution to benefit a much larger market together. It’s a partnership that has endless possibilities for mutual value. Partnerships like the one we’ve made with Sandler Training address the importance of a holistic sales readiness program that keeps sales reps engaged with ongoing learning, skills development, training, and coaching to drive sales effectiveness and higher win rates

To learn more about our partnership, read our press release.

Mindtickle and PSI: Helping Sellers Speak the Customer’s Language

Do you know what “TK” means in life sciences? How about “kaizen” in manufacturing? Do you understand how AI is affecting financial services or how the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing manufacturing models? For new reps selling into these verticals, familiarity with industry hot topics and vertical-specific concepts like these may mean the difference between closing a deal and losing it. That’s one reason why Mindtickle and Performance Solutions International (PSI) have joined forces in a new partnership.

Speaking the customer’s “language” is critical on many levels, but especially when companies go to market by industry. Reps selling in this environment must have a level of expertise that shows they are market-savvy, that they understand industry dynamics and challenges, and that they understand the products and services sold in the market. Engaging on a deeper level inspires trust and confidence in the seller’s ability to understand their needs and deliver a solution that will have a significant return on investment — critical elements in making a sale.

No one understands this more than PSI, a leading provider of industry-focused performance improvement services that empower professionals with the knowledge, industry context, and insights they need to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment. With its 25 years of experience, PSI is an expert in helping professionals understand specialized industry dynamics, including the competitive landscape, market trends, and key executive hot-button issues.

Together, Mindtickle and PSI offer Sales Readiness paths that drive knowledge specific to companies in financial services, manufacturing, health care, and life sciences, insurance, retail and technology, media and telecommunications. Mindtickle’s data-driven approach to gamification-based learning, virtual role play, and coaching is enriched by PSI’s industry wikis and eLearning curriculums. The combination of our offerings sets the stage for customer-facing professionals to become more than just sellers; but rather, knowledgeable and consultative advisors.

The genesis of our partnership with PSI was driven in large part by two Fortune 500 clients of both PSI and Mindtickle. A successful go-to-market strategy common among many large enterprises includes an industry-specific approach, as is the case with these joint clients. Both immediately saw that our solutions provide a winning combination to help prepare their reps to close more opportunities.

Our partnership with PSI emphasizes the importance of Sales Readiness. Gain what you need to know about how AI is affecting health care or financial services or how the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing manufacturing models. Then, build the skills and behaviors of a top producer. And, for those inquiring minds that want to know, “TK” is “toxicokinetics,” and “kaizen” is “the practice of focusing on continuous process improvement.” — two definitions that I know everyone can’t live without.