Partnering with The Ken Blanchard Companies to Help Leaders Thrive in the Digital-First, Remote-Ready Age

Enterprises today see the need to make a critical, immediate recalibration to the way they run and manage sales. What started as an immediate response to the pandemic – digital selling has now become the new normal; demanding changes in management and leadership skills to keep sales organizations upskilled, engaged, always on message, and capable of selling digitally as a team. To meet these needs, Mindtickle and our strategic partner The Ken Blanchard Companies have come together to enable businesses for a digital-ready generation of corporate and sales leadership in today’s uncertain, nearly all remote environment.

For more than 40 years, The Ken Blanchard Companies has provided management and leadership training programs backed by practical research, thought leadership, and scientific learning methodologies to develop results-oriented, proactive leaders that can confidently address business challenges. Its Situational Leadership® II (SLII®) program is a proven model that has been used to strengthen the leadership skills for more than 5 million managers in organizations around the world. It uses a proprietary method to teach managers how to become what they call “situational leaders” — ones who’re able to understand the evolving needs of the people they manage and adapt their leadership style to meet those needs.

To meet the needs of increasingly distributed teams, sales leaders must lean more heavily than ever on virtual upskilling programs including “blended learning” to maximize business performance. To this end, the partnership announced by The Ken Blanchard Companies and Mindtickle is a critical new program for global organizations as it brings the proven SLII® leadership development to leaders everywhere with a digital experience — adding the “virtual” element to the mix so that instruction and participation can be experienced both online and in the classroom.

By combining SLII® with Mindtickle, we are delivering personalized, prescriptive and guided content to managers when they need it, so they can continue learning in a virtual “classroom” (likely their home office for now). And, with an eye to the future, The Ken Blanchard Companies and Mindtickle are collaborating on expanding access to coaching, gamification, and role play.

Even though our partnership with The Ken Blanchard Companies came together before the pandemic changed the way we do business, the principles driving our joint efforts couldn’t be more timely. Together, Mindtickle and The Ken Blanchard Companies are addressing the challenge of enabling and applying leadership learning in the flow of remote work, because engaging users and building value-added relationships between sales leaders and those they manage will be important no matter what trials and tribulations the world faces.