3 Ways Mindtickle is Making a Seller’s Job Easier Right Now

man and woman looking at tablet with product imagery from Mindtickle's 2024 spring announcement

First and foremost, a seller’s job is to close business.

But all too often, their work time is filled with perfunctory tasks that distract from that job. At Mindtickle, we make it part of our mission to change that and help sellers sell more, faster, and easier.

In this post, I will highlight three new capabilities being announced as part of Mindtickle’s Spring 2024 product announcement, designed to help your sellers do their jobs more easily today.

#1. Utilize content in the flow of work

Every minute spent searching content repositories for the right datasheet or infographic is a minute that could be spent closing more business.

That’s why Mindtickle puts the content sellers need front and center in the most used tools. In addition to CRM and email integrations, sellers can now add content directly from Mindtickle’s Asset Hub to sales engagement sequences in Outreach and social posts in LinkedIn—there is no need to log into multiple tools to power their work with targeted content.

#2 Use AI to help you discover and leverage new and better content

Sellers frequently spend too much time looking for content because they don’t know what content exists. In too many cases, they end up using the same content in many different sales scenarios when better content might have been used had they known about it.

Now, Mindtickle uses AI to identify and list similar assets for reps whenever they view content within Mindtickle. That will help them discover and engage with new content, in a manner similar to how they engage with content on YouTube, Netflix, and other modern media platforms.

It will also point them to better, more targeted versions of content for specific sales scenarios, helping them use content to engage more customers and close more business.

#3 Collaborate with co-sellers seamlessly

Mindtickle’s Digital Sales Rooms have quickly become the preferred way for our customers’ sellers to engage with their buyers. These collaborative spaces allow buyers and sellers to interact with each other, share content back-and-forth, and track progress and align throughout the buying journey.

Now, as part of the 2024 Spring announcement, Mindtickle is releasing a new version of Digital Sales Rooms built to power collaboration between internal teams. Team selling has become increasingly the norm for high-touch B2B sales, and with more folks involved in the sales process, it becomes increasingly important to align your selling team step-by-step throughout the sales cycle.

Mindtickle’s internal rooms will give your teams a place to share content, communicate, and track progress. Whether you use these rooms for team selling, account planning, knowledge sharing, or any other internal collaboration needs, Mindtickle will help you sell more and better by working together.

While this post has focused on how these releases drive easier and better selling, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that these capabilities, as well as the entire Mindtickle platform, provide the same benefits to customer success reps, business development reps, marketers, and all the critical roles that dictate how your company goes to market. All these folks need to find and distribute content, so AI recommendations and flow-of-work integrations will save them time and help them do their revenue-generating activities more efficiently and effectively.

In particular, Mindtickle’s internal rooms present many exciting opportunities for different teams to coordinate their efforts and collaborate cross-functionally. Some use cases our customers have discovered for these rooms include:

  • Interactive landing pages for demand generation
  • User groups and customer communities
  • Digital event support
  • Onboarding groups
  • SKO breakouts and team exercises
  • Hiring portals
  • …and many more.

These three releases are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how Mindtickle is innovating the future of selling. Register for our spring 2024 announcement webinar on June 5, 2024, to hear how Mindtickle is unlocking new productivity levels for GTM reps, front-line managers, enablement teams, and marketing leaders.

2024 Mindtickle Spring Announcement

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