Infographic: Mindtickle Pre-join Checklist for Onboarding New Hires

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“Pre-join” is the period between the day a new employee accepts an offer to the day he or she shows up at the office for the first day of work and it is far more important than you may think.
With half of all senior outside hires failing within 18 months and half of all hourly workers leaving new jobs in the first 120 days,  it makes sense to invest in new employees as early as possible with a pre-join plan.
Not only does a good pre-join program raise probability of hiring an A-player from 25% to 90% it reduces failure rate in first 18 months from 40% to 10%. If that is not enough to sway you, HCL, A $5 billion dollar IT company reduced pre-join churn by about 90% using Mindtickle’s gamified learning platform.
Check out this infographic for more statistic on the power of pre-join as well as a step by step plan to get your pre-join plan off the ground.
Pre-join Infographic - Mindtickle
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