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[Podcast] How Oracle built its sales enablement function from the ground up with Roderick Jefferson (Episode 8)

Oracle_Marketing_Cloud_Sales Enablement“Sales enablement is the hub that spokes out to every part of the organisation. We work with product marketing, product management, marketing, sales, IT etc. So we kind of translate languages if you will, between those groups.”

As Head of Global Enablement at Oracle Marketing Cloud, that makes Roderick Jefferson chief translator. His collaborative approach to sales enablement means that he focuses on decoding what the business requires.

“The one thing we never want to do in enablement is assuming that we know what a stakeholder needs. So we sit down and ask those questions, like how do you define success beyond simply wrap up time? What other components would you like to see added to enablement? What do you see as the deficiencies now?” comments Jefferson.

“Because enablement has to be a sales partner, it cannot be a sales scribe that you just throw things at,” he continues. “You only think about sales training when something is broken. Think about enablement as a fabric that weaves across and through the entire understanding and culture of a company.”

It’s this perspective that Jefferson has followed throughout his career in sales and sales enablement. Listen now to hear how Jefferson has built sales enablement functions from the ground up at blue chip companies including, eBay and Oracle.

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In this 18 minute interview Jefferson outlines:

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