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[Podcast] How Qualtrics has created a customer centric approach to sales enablement with Charlie Besecker (Episode 6)

Qualtrics sales enablementOne of the mistakes that a lot of companies are starting to kind of fall into is really just death by complexity,” observes Charlie Besecker.

As head of Qualtrics’ global enablement function his focus is simple, “You’ve got a group of insanely engaged, motivated, ambitious people that are smart and angry. What can we do to make this entire process more efficient and ultimately more effective?”

Qualtrics is the leading customer experience software, and it lives and breathes its customers first approach right down to how it enables its sales force. “Our success is directly correlated with the satisfaction of our customers. We don’t succeed if they don’t renew and if they don’t love our product and love the experience they have with Qualtrics then they won’t renew. And so that’s why we don’t really talk about Qualtrics’ success in sales without the other being the success of our customers,” explains Besecker.

This approach permeates all aspects of its enablement strategy from professional development to the onboarding experience of its new hires. Besecker has termed the latter a “white gloves” experience. “The whole white gloves concept is really akin to some of the finest hotels that you can visit, where we are attempting to anticipate that wants and needs of our new hires before they realize those needs themselves.”

Listen now to hear how Besecker has created a customer centric perspective to sales enablement to Qualtrics.

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In this 16 minute interview Besecker outlines:

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