[Podcast] How to Enable Your SDRs for Success with Inside Sales Bootcamp (Episode 9)

In this 15 minute interview Duchen and Reisert outline:

  • What makes a great SDR onboarding program;
  • How you can reduce the ramp up time for your new SDRs;
  • What role a manager plays in the onboarding process; and
  • What sales enablement professionals can do to improve the success of their SDRs.

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inside-sales-bootcamp-podcast“Onboarding SDRs can actually be really tricky especially for an organization that is doing this for the first time,” explains Ryan Reisert who’s seen his fair share of inside sales onboarding programs.
Along with Mike Duchen, Reisert is co-founder of Inside Sales Bootcamp, a sales acceleration engine for high growth. They help companies onboard and ramp up their SDRs.

“I see a lot of companies struggle when they start to create their outbound program. Because they’ve had success with inbound, they’ve got a lot of leads coming in, but they start their outbound function without actually going through the data or at least trying to understand what expected outcomes can look like. Without setting that up front, you’re set yourself up for long term failure,” he continues.

“This is not an easy role when you look at what the day to day of an SDR actually looks like,” adds Duchen.  “A rep will be doing 100 activities per day, every day. It’s a lot of work. And on top of that, they’re probably getting rejected eight or nine out of ten times.”

Inside sales is a tough job, which is why every enablement initiative you implement that helps your SDRs do their job will lead them (and you) on the road to success.