How Modern Sales Organizations Leverage Sales Enablement for their Competitive Advantage [Webinar]

sales onboarding

webinar-mindtickle_500x500_listen-now“If you can structure and enable your sales team to get out of a bad deal early or bring it home to Papa as quickly as possible, then you have enabled your sales team to do the right thing at the right time.

This objective is at the core of Cloudera’s sales enablement strategy according to Lars Nilsson, VP Global Inside Sales, who has helped the company scale from a team of just 11 salespeople to a global selling operation with 200 sellers and over 150 sales engineers, solution architects, business development and customer-facing individuals. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to methodically onboard your people and make them productive sooner
  • Benefits of creating an infrastructure that supports enablement initiatives
  • Sales enablement activities that drive conversion from discovery to final sale
  • How to ensure sales reps are consistently on the message to deliver a best in class customer experience, and
  • How Cloudera leverages sales enablement as their competitive advantage

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to hear the Cloudera team, along with our VP Sales, Marc Wendling, and Max Altschuler from Sales Hacker, talk about how a modern sales organization can leverage sales enablement to bring value to their customers and prospects consistently and efficiently.