What Every Sales Enablement Leader Needs on Their 2022 Wish List 

Sales enablement leader 2022 wishlist

Well, 2021 is in the books. If you’re like most sales enablement teams, you’ve onboarded tens (or even hundreds) of sellers globally, enabled and certified your revenue teams on new messaging, positioning, and product knowledge, and crushed your 2021 revenue goals.

But 2022 marks a new year, with aggressive goals and challenges, and without some changes to your resources, processes, or technology, you might be unsure you can do it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow get everything you need to achieve your 2022 goals? Well in case that happens, we’ve drafted this list to ensure you cover all your bases.

And if any of these seem unreasonable, don’t panic. The Mindtickle Sales Readiness Platform can do all these things (and more) so your 2022 goals might just be an evaluation process away.

AE onboarding in Mindtickle

  1. Automate, personalize and scale onboarding. If you’re like other sales enablement leaders, you want to spend less time hand-holding and more time strategizing programs that drive ongoing seller performance beyond the first 90 days.so  A sales readiness software automates your onboarding process end-to-end and individualizes training based on each sellers’ background and experience.
  2. Capture, analyze, and score buyer interactions. While it’d be nice, it’s not possible to ride along on every call with every seller to document everything that’s said and give them personalized feedback – but with conversation intelligence, you can. In 2022, it’s all about identifying and replicating the winning behaviors of your top reps.
  3. Make your sales kickoff one for the ages. You’re probably already planning a 2022 hybrid sales kickoff that’s impactful, fun, and memorable. To help kickstart this planning, you can use an SKO toolkit that provides a framework with best practices for pre-work, breakout sessions, and post SKO activities.
  4. Get a sales content solution that’s actually designed for how sellers interact with content. Best-in-class sales readiness platforms have a smart search capability with deep indexing that goes beyond just titles or metadata, so sellers always find the best, most relevant content. Sales content management solutions also have a smart search capability, so it’s easier for sellers to search.
  5. Know what sellers are actually doing in the field. Let’s face it – right now you don’t know whether your talk tracks, content, or training best practices are being utilized or are helping close business. With a conversation intelligence tool in place, you can gain powerful insights to improve your sales enablement and marketing efforts.
  6. Ideal rep profile competenciesGet the formula for the ideal sales rep. You know your ideal customer profile (ICP), but like most sales teams, you probably don’t have a clue of what your ideal rep profile (IRP) looks like. With this recipe, you can understand the key skills and performance benchmarks of your peak performers and then create enablement and coaching programs that replicate those behaviors across the team.
  7. Measure the impact of your sales enablement initiatives. With everything else on your plate, it’s sometimes difficult to take a step back and understand which sales enablement activities are making an impact and which ones need to be re-evaluated. This can be the year that you are able to tie enablement efforts to business outcomes like revenue and ramp time.
  8. Finally get your content organized. You can’t snap your fingers and retroactively manage content the right way, but the right sales content solution can streamline your process and end the version control nightmare for good. Finally, perform a content audit. It’s possible to get insight into the content that’s actually being used – even those pieces used in training courses. This can be the year you implement a sales content solution that automatically updates content instantly, everywhere it’s being used.
  9. Sales coaching in MindtickleCoach your coaches. To meet your goals this year, you need to make sure your frontline managers are sales coaching superstars. Make it a priority to teach managers to tailor their coaching to individual rep strengths and weaknesses.
  10. . Quickly and easily roll out new sales enablement programs. Make 2022 the year you’re able to better anticipate all the programs you will have to launch this year in response to your competitors and market. Or leverage a platform that lets you quickly create and introduce new programs in minutes – not hours or days.
  11.  Make sales training stick. Right now sellers forget almost 90 percent of what you train them on in 30 days, and you need a way to reinforce concepts over and over until they finally remember so they can apply them in the field. With adaptive, spaced reinforcement quizzes, it’s possible to cement seller learning into long-term knowledge.
  12.  Practice pitch in Mindtickle Make it easy for sellers to practice their pitches. 2022 should be the year that your sellers stop practicing their pitches on buyers. You can implement an AI-powered practice technology that enables them to practice on their own, anytime, anywhere, and get immediate feedback for improvement.
  13.  Hit your massive 2022 revenue goal. Eight out of 10 sales teams hit more than 75% of their quota when they prioritize individual seller productivity and efficiency when tracking overall seller performance. So by tackling the goals above, you can stop relying on 20% of your sellers to hit 80% of your sales goal and create a well-rounded team of high performers.

Want to see for yourself how the Mindtickle Data Driven Sales Readiness platform can make all your new year wishes come true? Schedule a demo today.