Why Easier Deal Collaboration Means More Won Deals

Deal collaboration in Mindtickle Spring 2022 announcement

Deals and opportunities are constantly changing. You may think you have a closed win – and suddenly another stakeholder gets looped in or you’re thrown a curveball from the legal department.

It’s important your go-to-market teams have the ability to share and learn from each other in the moment, when a deal depends on it.

Especially with more offices going hybrid or fully remote, it’s key to have the tools in place to foster collaboration between teams.

As part of our 2022 Spring Announcement, Mindtickle is announcing new features that make it easier for teams to work together to win deals.

Email and Slack notifications for Call AI

Mindtickle integration with Slack

A key element of effective deal collaboration is centralizing your communication and knowledge sharing. You have to meet sellers in their flow of work, not add to the number of systems they are already managing.

With email and Slack notifications for Call AI, sellers get real-time alerts, like recordings of previous calls that help them prep for upcoming meetings and post-meeting summaries with action items. Reps can share recordings with their team on email and Slack to highlight winning moments or seek peer coaching.

You can also get notified when a prospect has engaged with a shared recording externally or commented on your recording.

Asset tracking, sharing, and analytics

Mindtickle Asset Hub sharing

Reps can spend a ton of time searching for approved content. And once they find and share the content with prospects, there’s generally no insight into if it’s even being consumed.

With improved external sharing and tracking features, Asset Hub provides a full, closed-loop content solution for smart sales orgs. Now, your reps can quickly find the perfect content for any situation and share it easily with customers and prospects right then and there.

It doesn’t stop at sharing, though. Reps can use engagement data to plan and schedule timely follow-up after prospects interact with the content they shared.

With powerful content analytics, your management, enablement, and marketing teams can gather content-based deal intelligence to find out what interests each customer or prospect the most and drive their future content strategy.

Without collaboration, deals can be lost for even the smallest of reasons. Make sure you are enabling your teams to share knowledge and work together. Mindtickle makes it easy with a single readiness platform and new deal collaboration tools like email and Slack notifications and asset tracking and analytics. Learn more about the other features included in our Spring Announcement here.