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Cole Lindbergh
Sales Enablement Manager, Revenue Operations
Right now, we have to be very adaptable to things that are changing. The way people learn is very different. There is still this propensity to make a PowerPoint but that just doesn't work for training anymore.

About ChowNow

  • ChowNow is an online food ordering platform that connects customers with local independent restaurants in the US. The marketplace helps with fair ordering for restaurants and diners and provides restaurant partners with key customer insights and marketing support.

The challenge

  • When the pandemic hit, local independent restaurants were in need of a fast and easy solution for customer online ordering.
  • ChowNow began receiving a multitude of inbound inquiries about its platform and its go-to-market organization needed to catch up.
  • As the sales team continued to grow, there was a recognition of the need for impactful training with remote reps all over the country.
  • Cole Lindbergh, Sales Enablement Manager, Revenue Operations at ChowNow, recognized the need for an impactful training program to get new remote reps on board and ramped up quickly while trying to maintain the energy of the in-office sales floor.

The solution

  • In an effort to reduce the time it takes for a new hire to close their first deal, Lindbergh and his team implemented Mindtickle to develop a robust — and fun — new hire training program that didn’t only impart company, product, and competitive knowledge, but also pushed the newest reps on the team to connect and collaborate with their peers.
  • Feedback and lots of internal meetings helped to maximize training impact and retention.
  • Working with sales managers, Lindbergh pulled documentation and feedback across teams to create a cohesive narrative that ultimately shaped learning paths.

The impact

  • Established formalized new hire training
  • 75% of new reps closed their first deal 20 days faster
  • Increased engagement across the remote team
  • Drove productive and impactful manager-rep conversations