Description of Subscription Services

Description of Subscription Services

Description of Platform:

  1. MindTickle shall provide a unique web URL(s) of the package subscribed in the Order to Customer; URL shall be customized and unique as per a mutually agreed format.
  2. The Platform shall be accessible from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet by directing a supported web browser to the above web URL, unless disallowed by a specific setting or firewall.
  3. Based on the package subscribed, Users may also access MindTickle Platform through the native applications on Android and iOS mobile devices.
  4. The Platform will provide a secure and reliable service to the Users.
  5. The Customer will be provided with the ability to assign different roles and permissions to their Users from the Platform itself.
  6. Users of the Customer who have necessary permissions will be able to manage (add, edit, disable) Users into the Platform, create learner groups and assign modules based on group membership.


Description of Subscription Services Packages:


Comprehensive training, micro-learning and certification

Engage teams with gamified learning programs and an easy-to-use interface. Create custom assessments and certifications, and measure and improve on each team’s capabilities through data analytics and reports.


Essentials plus skills development with scenario-based practice and coaching

Give Users the confidence to handle any situation with virtual role-plays and simulated Customer scenarios. Managers can deliver structured feedback to improve skills and drive consistent messaging.


Professional plus unlimited field coaching, auto-remediation and analytics

Create a structured coaching program where managers can conduct effective and continuous 1:1 coaching. Use data to track growth across competencies and develop competency maps to identify areas for remediation.

Spaced Reinforcement: 

MindTickle’s spaced reinforcement combines the approaches that drive engagement and long-term knowledge retention by automatically delivering short, personalized and gamified challenges (consisting of scenario-based questions) at intelligently spaced intervals.


CallAI is an automated conversational-intelligence solution for evaluating Customer’s sales calls. It is designed to make Customer’s sellers more effective at their moments of truth with a focus on helping improve key revenue metrics, such as quota attainment, ramp time, and rep productivity by driving critical sales processes and best practices. Call recordings will be subject to applicable laws as set forth at

White Label:

White Label Application is MindTickle’s Platform related assistance through which MindTickle assists the Customer to personalize the look and feel of MindTickle’s mobile application of the Platform to align it with Customer’s brand identity. MindTickle supports White Labeling of its mobile app which is limited to app branding. MindTickle does not support app customization, as further described in

Support Services:

MindTickle provides Standard and Premium Support as described in and as per scope mentioned below.

Standard Support:

  1. Initial Response Time: Within 2 business days
  2. Support Channels: Online case submission
  3. Training and Education:
    1. Online/self-paced training
    2. Video tutorials
    3. Comprehensive documentation
    4. Hands-on workshops and customized training (available at additional cost)
  4. Customer Success Manager (“CSM”): Assigned from a pool of CSMs as needed.
    (Cost of Standard Support is included in the Platform Subscription Fees)

Premium Support:

  1. Initial Response Time: 2 business hours
  2. End-user Support Channels:
    1. Online case submission
    2. Scheduled phone support
    3. 24/5 Live chat (for administrative users only)
    4. 24/7 Critical support
  3. Training and Education:
    1. Online/self-paced training
    2. Video tutorials
    3. Comprehensive documentation
    4. Hands-on workshops and customized training (available at additional cost)
  4. Named CSM: A CSM would act as a single-point-of-contact for Customer’s leadership team; introduce relevant use cases and new product features; communicate Customer’s product feedback and feature requests and conduct regular business to align and demonstrate value.