Mindtickle Announces Acquisition of Enable Us to Combine Sales and Buyer Enablement in One Platform


The move strengthens Mindtickle’s comprehensive vision to improve revenue productivity for sales organizations around the world.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 2, 2023Mindtickle, the global leader in sales enablement and revenue productivity, announced the acquisition of Enable Us, the fast-growing Digital Sales Room and buyer enablement provider. The addition of Enable Us empowers sales reps to collaborate digitally with buyers using personalized content experiences, accelerating sales cycles and growing revenue more predictably.

At a time when revenue organizations are challenged in terms of gaining complete visibility and control of their productivity, the move also accelerates Mindtickle’s efforts to offer customers the most comprehensive set of revenue productivity solutions – such as sales training, content management, conversation intelligence, forecasting, and buyer enablement.

The acquisition helps sales leaders – CROs, heads of enablement, and operations – align completely on gaps in knowledge, skills, and day-to-day deal behaviors on one platform. Additionally, the joint offering comes in at a more compelling price point than paying point solution vendors separately.

“This acquisition represents the perfect combination of the respective leaders in sales enablement and buyer enablement coming together,” Krishna Depura, Mindtickle CEO and co-founder said. “Through our partnership with Enable Us, we saw joint customers increase their content use by almost 200%. Also, deals where reps used mutual action plans with champions had three times higher win rates than deals where they were not used. Enable Us’ buyer enablement solutions ensure that behaviors learned and the content utilized gets applied in real-world buyer interactions. In that spirit, the addition of Enable Us into our comprehensive portfolio of revenue productivity solutions will provide a ‘better together’ value proposition for both Mindtickle and Enable Us customers alike.”

Enable Us’ Digital Sales Room provides a singular link that buyers can access at any point in their prospect or customer journey. There, sales team members can post and curate relevant content that’s shared throughout the sales process without any technical help or assistance.

To keep a deal on track or further personalize the experience, sales reps can take advantage of additional Enable Us features, such as adding a mutual action plan, uploading documents for eSignature, or recording a welcome video. The sellers can easily access marketing and enablement-sanctioned content from Mindtickle Asset Hub, Mindtickle’s Sales Content Management system. They can also post call recordings from Mindtickle’s conversation intelligence platform that the buyers can reference throughout their journey.

“We saw a market opportunity to create a B2B buying experience that is more efficient, personal, and transparent for sellers and buyers. Throughout our partnership, Mindtickle supported that vision,” explains Jinal Jhaveri, CEO, and Co-founder of Enable Us. “By joining Mindtickle, we are well-positioned to deliver on this vision with innovative digital sales room and buyer enablement products combined with Mindtickle’s industry-leading sales enablement and revenue productivity solutions.”

Because the products are already integrated based on a partnership the companies executed last year, Mindtickle and Enable Us customers will see immediate value from the acquisition.

“Digital Sales Rooms have allowed our team to elevate the way we engage with our prospects, customers, and partners – being even more proactive and supportive with the insights provided,” Mindtickle customer, Ariel Cox, Director of Sales Enablement at 11:11 Systems, says. “Having an easily accessible, central location for assets and collateral that is continuously customized to the buyer’s needs has fostered true collaboration through every interaction.”

Mindtickle customers of Asset Hub, the sales content management system, can immediately add Enable Us digital sales rooms to their Mindtickle instance. Similarly, Enable Us customers can begin leveraging Mindtickle’s comprehensive suite of revenue productivity solutions to complement their investment, including sales readiness, conversation intelligence, and sales coaching.

For more information, customers of Mindtickle and Enable Us should contact their respective account managers or [email protected].

About Mindtickle

Mindtickle is the market-leading sales readiness and operations platform, helping revenue leaders at more than 350 world-class companies to grow revenue by increasing knowledge, understanding ideal sales behaviors, and adapting to change. Mindtickle is recognized as a market leader by top industry analysts and is ranked by G2 as both the #2 enterprise software product and #7 sales product. Visit www.mindtickle.com or find us on LinkedIn to learn more.

About Enable Us

The Enable Us Digital Sales Room solution empowers sales to build digital buying experiences that engage buyers and get deals done faster. Sales reps effortlessly deliver professional-looking deal rooms with your corporate branding and messages, while curating rich media content tailored to your buyer’s needs. Share online deal rooms with a single, evergreen link to track buyer views, engagement, and shares. With Enable Us, the buying process is now easier for your sellers and buyers.

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