Mindtickle Integrations

Maximize your revenue results with these partner integrations.
Mindtickle uses a hybrid approach when integrating with modern tech stacks. We also have our own homegrown integration service and an OEM-sourced leading iPaaS (integration platform as a service). That means our Sales Readiness Platform provides lots of out-of-box integration options that seamlessly function with most sales and business tools today.


We support secure access and user profile data sync for user management, which means Mindtickle allows for integration with any Identity Provider (IdP) that supports SAML 2.0, OpenId, Google, or JWT protocol.
Key providers include Salesforce, Okta, OneLogin, Ping Identity, Symplified, Active Directory, Veeva, Google, IBM Cloud Identity Connect, and many more.

HRMS & UserSync

To make sure the latest user information is available for rules and automated learning plan assignments, Mindtickle manages the process of automatically syncing with master sources of employee data, including Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) or other providers, like Microsoft Active Directory or Salesforce. We also integrate with leading platforms, plus any HRMS systems that can deliver data over an SFTP periodically, such as Peoplesoft, SuccessFactors, etc.

Content Management

Mindtickle makes it easy to leverage the latest content in your readiness and enablement programs.
  • Use content from any of the most popular cloud drives
  • Integrate with leading content management systems
  • Bring in curated content from content providers

Communication & Calendering

The notification, scheduling, and reminder capabilities in Mindtickle work seamlessly with the most widely adopted tools.

Customer Relationship Management

We offer tight integration with CRM solutions like Salesforce & Veeva, which means Mindtickle readiness programs can be embedded within a sales rep’s flow of work.
Opportunity-level integration with Salesforce lets our most appropriate programs become available in the CRM so that opportunities can move forward quickly. All of our data can be presented within a dashboard in the CRM.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Mindtickle integrates with all popular business intelligence tools so that data analyst resources can find correlations between their enablement activities and business outcomes, and report into a central Sales productivity dashboard.


Let your partners choose the right Mindtickle product for them. Our readiness programs allow you to drive greater returns, so when you integrate your storefront with us, you can easily identify and sync modules and ultimately make training accessible to your partners.


We also offer a REST API point for custom connectivity. There are three types of API endpoints available with Mindtickle:

Content APIs

Allows third parties to pull content metadata and just-in-time content into their systems.

User APIs

SCIM and Open APIs allow Mindtickle to pull users and their attributes from third-party systems. Out-of-the-box integrations can be used for specific cases.

Reporting API

Allows third parties to pull all Mindtickle data for external analysis.