How sales enablement program creation, execution, and consumption has changed

Summary/Key Points of the Interview

Recent events like the pandemic and hybrid work have significantly changed how we sell. It’s also changed how we buy. We work with cats on our laps and share a giggle with our toddlers in between Zoom meetings. In light of this new work life, shouldn’t the way we enable sellers and create buying experiences change too?

It’s time to say goodbye to long and convoluted processes for buyers, and the same ol’ seller enablement.

So how do we change this? By learning a thing or two from the streaming giants about digital engagement and content consumption. That way, sales enablement and ops teams can take enablement from cringeworthy to binge-worthy and create new experiences for sellers and buyers.

Roderick Jefferson, the author of Sales Enablement 3.0, Roslyn Jones, Vice President – Learning Services at NetApp, and Linda Page Vice President – Global Field Enablement at Splunk, joined forces to discuss new experiences in sales enablement.

We together hold the power to end the chaos and orchestrate engaging enablement, content, and coaching experiences for revenue organizations.

Key Takeaways:

Listen in as our speakers discuss:

  • How sales enablement program creation, execution, and consumption has changed
  • Real-world examples of modern enablement experiences practitioners create for sellers
  • How the worlds of training and content are merging to create new enablement and deal execution experiences involving both sellers and buyers


Roderick Jefferson
Keynote & Bestselling
Christian Pieper
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Roslyn Jones
Vice President, Learning Services
Helen Waite
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Linda Page
Vice President, Global Field Enablement