Mindtickle and Sandler Training: Partnering to Deliver World-Class Sales Readiness

If you know anything about Mindtickle, you know we’ve enjoyed some pretty significant growth in the past year — almost 170% growth in enterprise customer acquisition. Driving that growth is the understanding among today’s organizations that their sales readiness programs must provide reps with much more than just content for training. They need a systematic approach to continuous learning, skill development, and coaching. Another element driving Mindtickle’s growth is strategic partnerships with companies like Sandler Training.

Sandler sales training specializes in solving complex business challenges through proven systems for communicating with, developing, and motivating salespeople. Founder David Sandler developed the Sandler Selling System in 1967, a seven-step program to teach best practices for sales, leadership, and organizational success. Today, the company is one of the leading sales training and leadership development companies in the world.

Recently, Mindtickle partnered with Sandler Training to create a unified learning experience for its users. By virtue of the Mindtickle platform, Sandler sales training is now augmented with elements of coaching and gamification to reinforce best practices and keep salespeople engaged. As part of this, data generated by users through the platform informs sales leaders about skills that need improvement or where there may be gaps in their reps’ knowledge. This data prompts sales leaders to suggest content that can be consumed to reinforce specific concepts.

Our partnership with Sandler Training also speaks to a theme we’re currently seeing among all of our partnerships, and that’s the idea of blended learning. That is, incorporating both classroom – be it virtual or in-person – and online learning into sales training. By itself, the in-person, classroom learning that our partners like Sandler can provide certainly has its benefits. Aside from the obvious challenge of current work-from-home mandates – there exist some drawbacks as well. For example, classroom learning is, essentially, one episode, not a continuum. A classroom training session might last for a day or two, then it’s over. After that, the “Forgetting Curve” sets in — the rate at which humans forget information if there’s no attempt to retain it. By delivering training via a platform like Mindtickle’s, Sandler can offer reinforcement of knowledge or skills training over time, rather than just the duration of a single training class.

And, with the shelter in place/stay home mandates still in effect due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many, if not most, reps are working from home anyway, and virtual online learning is likely their primary avenue for training. Indeed, our partnership couldn’t have come at a more critical time.

Aside from our technology collaboration, our partnership with Sandler combines the strengths of our companies’ broader teams allowing our joint solution to benefit a much larger market together. It’s a partnership that has endless possibilities for mutual value. Partnerships like the one we’ve made with Sandler Training address the importance of a holistic sales readiness program that keeps sales reps engaged with ongoing learning, skills development, training, and coaching to drive sales effectiveness and higher win rates

To learn more about our partnership, read our press release.