AHRT Turns to Digital Sales Rooms to Close Deals Faster

Andrew Dorcast, Senior Vice President, Sales & Strategy

Andrew Dorcast, Senior Vice President of Sales & Strategy at ARHT, a pioneering global leader in live hologram technology, highlights the transformative impact of Mindtickle’s Enable Us platform on their sales process. By leveraging Enable Us, ARHT effortlessly shares content with prospects, gains valuable insights into buyer engagement, and significantly accelerates their sales cycle. Andrew emphasizes the importance of content consumption, professional customization, and timely updates. The platform has enabled ARHT to standardize content, ensuring a consistent and professional presentation across all interactions. Moreover, it has empowered them to measure results on both macro and micro levels, allowing for strategic adjustments and enhancements by vertical, region, and product type. Lyle Hastie, Sales Director, EMEA, ARHT, underscores the effectiveness of digital sales rooms in simplifying processes and directing prospects towards key content. The result? Remarkable improvements in time-to-close, from initial contact to signed contracts. This testimonial underscores how Mindtickle’s solutions have become an integral asset in ARHT’s sales success story.

Impact on Revenue for Infobip

Hrvoje Gabelica, Infobip

Infobip leverages Mindtickle Content for all the training of its revenue teams –– including account executives to mid-market teams –– and partnerships teams, which covers around 3000 people globally. Hrvoje Gabelica, Global Head of Sales Enablement at Infobip, talks about how they’ve leveraged Mindtickle to automate onboarding and coaching for sales teams and partners. “We’ve reduced ramp up time for onboarding from nine months to six months,” says Gabelica. He also talks about how they plan to use Mindtickle to scale strategic initiatives. Learn more about how Infobip used Mindtickle to impact revenue.