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Erin Hattenburg
Head of Sales and Channel Enablement
With Mindtickle, I was able to rapidly build out learning paths with modern content and introduce Mindtickle as home base for new hires so they get used to using it regularly.

SecureAuth establishes best practices and certifies reps are ready to sell with Mindtickle.


  • Disconnected approach to enablement across multiple systems
  • Content was out of date with no ability to track engagement
  • Reps struggled to find relevant information quickly

Readiness Approach

  • Weekly updates and communication from the enablement team
  • Automated user-sync between Mindtickle and Salesforce
  • Virtual role-plays to practice customer-facing scenarios and develop and certify skills
  • Analytics identify leaders and laggards within the sales org based on performance and engagement


  • Established best practices and periodically ensures reps are on-message
  • Reduced admin overhead and accelerated the onboarding experience with Mindtickle and Salesforce user-sync
  • Ensured consistent adoption of enablement programs through steady stream of communication