Transforming Sales Enablement at Teradata

Morgan Clawson, Senior Manager, GTM Readiness

Discover how Teradata’s Morgan Clawson, Senior Manager of GTM Readiness, talks about Mindtickle’s transformative role in their testimonial video. Highlighting a pivotal capability framework implementation, Morgan emphasizes Mindtickle’s instrumental support in creating Teradata’s first-ever go-to-market capability model. Through a robust tagging structure and coaching forms, Mindtickle empowered teams to reflect on productivity, enabling data-driven insights for prioritizing and focusing enablement efforts. The Readiness Index emerged as a standout, correlating participation in enablement programs with actual productivity metrics. Mindtickle’s collaborative culture shift and tailored learning paths, reinforced through certifications and badging, revolutionized training, enabling confident, knowledgeable interactions with customers. Morgan praises Mindtickle’s proactive, responsive support and recommends it for personalized learning, robust coaching, and showcasing the impactful value of enablement teams. As Morgan expresses, Mindtickle isn’t just a platform—it’s a catalyst for dynamic, relevant, and impactful sales enablement at Teradata.

Learn How Cisco Leverages Mindtickle to Scale Coaching Efforts

Chris Jackson, Cisco

Cisco was undertaking a significant transformation of its sales enablement organization and shifting from a traditional L&D approach, with historically low adoption, to a more data-driven, experiential learning approach. Chris Jackson, Distinguished Architect, Global Strategy & Operations, talks about how Mindtickle is the perfect platform for their high-value programs. “We leveraged Mindtickle to roll out training to 18,000 of our sellers in six weeks,” Jackson said. Watch this video to learn how Cisco adopts a modern learning solution with powerful data-driven analytics for leadership with Mindtickle.

Measurable Improvements by using Mindtickle

Dan Storey, Finastra

Finastra is a global banking software company serving 90 of the top 100 banks globally. They have a large sales team of around 600 people and 20 different sales training programs they run globally. Dan Storey, Director of Sales Training at Finastra, talks about how they uses Mindtickle’s Sales Readiness Index to understand the impact and effectiveness of their global go-to-market training. “We’re using the missions and the multichoice assessments in Mindtickle, to understand how much of the training we’re doing is sticking with our sales team and how much they’re able to apply.” Watch this video to learn how the Finastra team sees a 70% reduction in global GTM training with Mindtickle.