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Sal Pecoraro
SVP Client Technology Solutions and Sales Readiness
"With Mindtickle, we can develop our IRP [ideal rep profile] to define what success looks like. Then we can determine where reps need help, whether it’s presentations, a communication skill gap, or something else. Call AI will help us identify those gaps and let us provide the coaching to close those gaps and close more deals."

About Data Axle

  • Empowers companies to grow their business through data, technology and services
  • Serves companies from local mom and pop shops to global enterprises
  • 20% of all fortune 500 companies are Data Axle customers
  • Designated by Forrester as a leading B2B data provider

The challenge

  • At Data Axle, sales readiness is a key focus
  • However, the team needed a more modern solution to deliver onboarding and ongoing training
  • What’s more, they lacked visibility into how sellers were (or weren’t) applying what they learned while on sales calls — and how that compared to industry benchmarks

The solution

  • Today, the team at Data Axle leverages Mindtickle’s complete sales readiness platform to ensure its sellers are ramped quickly and always ready to close any deal
  • In particular, the team relies on Mindtickle’s Call AI to better understand what’s happening in the field and coach sellers towards better outcomes

The impact

  • 95% adoption of Call AI
  • 5,900 call recordings to date
  • 30-40% reduction in new rep onboarding time with the program in Mindtickle
  • Consistent measurement of call performance and use of insights to inform coaching initiatives