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Beth Shirey
Director of Sales Learning and Enablement, Trimble Viewpoint
“We have direct evidence that sellers who have a higher level of engagement, including in their Mindtickle training and communications completions, are 50% more likely to exceed quota.”

About Trimble Viewpoint

  • Trimble Viewpoint is a leading global provider of integrated software solutions for the construction industry.
  • Their software enables customers to integrate construction operation and project management to improve project profitability, enhance productivity, manage risk, and effectively collaborate across the broad construction ecosystem.

The Challenge

  • Prior to 2018, Trimble Viewpoint didn’t have a sales onboarding program. New hires would onboard in a four-week in-person “bootcamp,” which was not a solution conducive to repeating or scaling.
  • On top of this, it consumed all the time of the sales enablement team, which at the time was just two people.

The solution

  • With more than 8,000 clients worldwide, Trimble Viewpoint’s innovations are transforming the construction industry by fully integrating operations across financial and HR systems, project management tools, and mobile field solutions.
  • In 2019, they hired 70 sellers — poised for growth, they needed a way to scale their sales enablement function.
  • They deployed Mindtickle, launching their first onboarding program six months later. They used the analytics-driven enablement dashboards to track the readiness of the sales team, including course completions and certification.

The impact

  • Trimble Viewpoint currently has 553 active users in Mindtickle, with over 200 in sales.
  • They reduced live training sessions by 75%; raised training completions to 90% and above for key initiatives.
  • They continue to shorten the ramp time of new reps. They went from 69 days in 2019 to 52 days in 2021.
  • Positive feedback from reps who participated in training and onboarding through Mindtickle; accelerated new representative onboarding, teaching them best practices that contribute to their success.