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Doug Carabe
Content & Program Lead, Sales Enablement
Readiness doesn’t stop with program adoption or certification. With Call AI we are enabling the field with the tools for continuous improvement.

About Infoblox

  • Infoblox is a privately held IT automation and security which focuses on managing and identifying devices connected to networks—specifically for the Domain name system, Dynamic host configuration protocol, and IP address management.
  • They are a modern, cloud-first networking and security.
  • Their on-premises, cloud-native core networking and security services let you reliably automate and secure access to apps and services anytime, anywhere.

The challenge

  • Infoblox saw a spike in its business during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • With more employees working from home than ever before, businesses needed solutions like Infoblox to secure devices on their remote networks.
  • Through this sustained growth period, the Infoblox sales organization needed to scale its enablement program and drive real-world impact on rep performance.
  • The Infoblox team had access to many systems and resources, but wasn’t able to deliver measurable value in the absence of a systematic and interconnected platform that could build knowledge, arm reps with content, and track their field abilities.
  • They also struggled with providing user access to different systems for enablement and content. Having multiple systems also meant that information was scattered and could not be analyzed effectively.
  • The team needed a way to consolidate and simplify their tech stack for their growing business.

The solution

  • In order to make the switch from being reactive to a proactive sales enablement group, the team at Infoblox knew they needed a sales readiness platform to help them streamline
    their training programs, content, and measurability.
  • They were looking for a single platform that would help them manage all enablement activities including learning management, content management, knowledge reinforcement, and conversation intelligence.
  • After comparing many vendors, the Infoblox team knew that Mindtickle was the only solution able to bring together all of their sales readiness initiatives in one place.

The impact

  • Simplified “Tech Stack” for improved user experience
  • 30%+ increase in user engagement with content
  • 220%+ increase in user learning module completion
  • 1,000+ coaching opportunities for managers per month with Call AI