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Dan Fisher
Mindtickle’s product is amazing, but the people are even better. If you’re going to get a solution like Mindtickle, it’s important that you can trust and rely on the people you work with.

About Menemsha Group

  • Menemsha Group provides training content and services for recruiting companies, mostly in the IT sector.
  • Its online solutions help clients accelerate win rates and improve performance of sellers, recruiters, and managers.
  • Menemsha Group utilizes the Mindtickle platform to offer a comprehensive enablement program—including robust analytics—to its client base.

The challenge

  • Menemsha Group started as a traditional sales training company, hosting live workshops and webinars for its client base of IT recruiting companies.
  • Clients loved the content but had no way to measure the results of the training over time.
  • Beyond the half-, full-, or multi-day session, there was no method for quantifying or certifying knowledge.
  • Additionally, Dan Fisher, Menemsha Group’s founder, needed to re-evaluate his content delivery methods with the goal of being able to scale his business and take on new clients without the drastic additional headcount required for in-person training.
  • He also needed a way to deliver a quantifiable service so that clients engage with him on an ongoing basis, rather than one-and-done training sessions.

The solution

  • The employees of Menemsha Group became experts on the Mindtickle platform. Within months, the company completely overhauled its go-to-market strategy with the solution, training hundreds of reps at a time rather than a few dozen at most.
  • The business has evolved from one-off workshops to a fully transformed SaaS model that provides onboarding, training, and ongoing enablement.
  • Using technology to deliver Fisher’s recruiting IP content and provide tools like conversation intelligence and coaching, Menemsha Group enables companies to track rep engagement and how knowledge is being applied in the field—packaged up in one efficient program.

The impact

  • Increased from 3-4 to hundreds of customers at a given time
  • Menemsha Group clients saw a 229% increase in revenue attainment by recruiters in their first year when using Mindtickle versus traditional training methods
  • Clients also experienced a 55% reduction in new hire time to quota attainment
  • 153% ROI in the first 90 days