We’re scaling rapidly. How do we reduce ramp time and achieve our sales goals?

In order to sustain MongoDB’s growth and aggressive hiring plans, it was necessary for them to establish a strong baseline of knowledge and message amongst the new hires. To achieve this, they needed a technology partner who could provide a comprehensive and an easy-to-implement onboarding solution.

After concluding a successful pilot, MongoDB implemented a 30-60-90 day onboarding program on Mindtickle platform.

Structured Onboarding Path

With Mindtickle, MongoDB deployed custom onboarding paths for new SDR’s, Corporate Sellers, Enterprise Sellers and Solution Architects.

Baseline certification modules were assigned to the reps prior to the bootcamp on Mindtickle – setting a preface for the bootcamp. This enabled the reps to come to the bootcamp with a solid foundation which allowed subject matter experts to focus on complex topics around product and industry. As a result, the reps learned faster and the in-person sessions could be made more discussion and role-play oriented.

The bootcamp was utilized to train the reps on the landscape, technology, product fundamentals and the sales methodology.

After the first bootcamp, the remaining onboarding period was focused on reinforcing product and competition knowledge and selling skills. During this phase, reps worked with a Solution Architect, focused on pipeline generation, qualification, and relied on the Mindtickle platform to submit progress, practice and receive feedback from sales leaders.

As the new hire batch size increased, greater was the challenge to track the performance of individual reps. Mindtickle addressed this problem by providing weekly reports to the leadership and managers at MongoDB to track the progress of the reps week on week.

“The reps were able to take advantage of on-demand learning using the Mindtickle platform, throughout their onboarding period.” mentions Powers

To conclude the onboarding program, MongoDB organized an advanced bootcamp to reinforce key learning from the last 90 days and give pro-tips on competition, services and industry. During the advanced bootcamp, MongoDB used Mindtickle’s role-play capability extensively to assess the readiness of the new sales reps.