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Mattie Stremic
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Mattie Stremic
Head of the Academy
My experience with Mindtickle and the team has been nothing short of amazing. From incredible customer service to the overall functionality and power of the platform, we’ve been able to successfully train hundreds of individuals through our PreSales Academy and PreSales Collective enablement programs. Since we deployed both online and live training, it was important we utilized a solution that could accommodate both methods effectively and allow us to deliver high-quality content.

About PreSales Academy:

  • The PreSales Collective focuses on building a community for people within presales and providing training for career changers through PreSales Academy.
  • The academy offers a training program to equip career changers with the knowledge and resources needed for their job search.
  • Detailed one-on-one coaching is provided by experienced sales engineers who volunteer as Career Advisors.

The challenges:

  • Growing demand for PreSales Academy led to re-evaluating their current processes.
  • The virtual training sessions scheduled at specific dates and times were inflexible and inconvenient for students, trainers, and volunteer coaches.
  • Coaches provided feedback in a single document with over 10 parameters, which became overwhelming for students to understand.
  • The lack of standardized feedback hindered the students’ ability to improve effectively.

The solutions:

  • Virtual training delivery: Mindtickle allows PreSales Academy to deliver the self-paced training phase virtually, enabling students to learn at their own convenience. This eliminates the need for scheduled training sessions and provides flexibility in learning.
  • Personalized recommendations: As learners complete training, Mindtickle recommends additional content and training based on their performance. This personalized approach helps students reinforce knowledge gaps and further enhance skills.
  • Resource library: PreSales uses Mindtickle to deliver a resource library to students. This library enables students to browse and access all available content, empowering them to self-serve their learning needs.
  • Virtual role-plays and coaching: Mindtickle’s virtual role-plays simulate interview scenarios. Students submit their responses, which are recorded and scored by Mindtickle’s AI-powered system. This feedback helps students perfect their pitch. Additionally, Mindtickle’s coaching forms facilitate quantitative and qualitative feedback from presales experts, streamlining the coaching process.
  • Progress monitoring and evaluation: Stremic, along with PreSales experts, monitors students’ progress through Mindtickle’s comprehensive dashboards and reports. The system provides role-play and coaching scores, evaluating and tracking student performance as they progress through each phase.

The impact:

  • Mindtickle enabled PreSales Academy to scale its training program, resulting in an 84% increase in student enrollment in two years.
  • Students’ scores in demo role-plays increased by an average of 22% due to targeted training and learning.
  • PreSales Academy received a 95% average student satisfaction rating and five-star reviews from graduates on review sites.
  • Graduates of PreSales Academy experienced an average salary increase of $80,000, with a median salary exceeding $118,000.

The vision for PreSales Academy:

With the successful growth and demand, PreSales Academy plans to scale the organization further and continue refining the program using online training, role-plays, and coaching through the Mindtickle platform.