How Fastmarkets Uses Mindtickle to Digitize Their Competency Framework

Anusha Purkis, Head of Sales Enablement, Fastmarkets

Fastmarkets, a company providing market data and analysis, has been using Mindtickle to streamline its onboarding process and enhance its sales coaching capabilities. Anusha Purkins, Head of Sales Enablement, says Mindtickle helped their internal EPS score for sales jump from -16 to +22. Additionally, Fastmarkets leveraged Mindtickle to create prescriptive coaching programs and Call AI to empower reps with self-assessment and immediate application of learnings. This comprehensive approach has provided significant impact, including a certified sales enablement program, increased average order value, and improved go-to-market alignment.

Learn How Formalized Onboarding Helped Chownow Reduce Time to First Deal by 50%

Cole Lindbergh

ChowNow faced the challenge of onboarding remote new hires without a formalized program. With standardized training, there was room for impactful manager conversations too. “With Mindtickle, the ability to create modules and courses that introduce certain topics can be more beneficial in some ways than just listening to someone talk about it on a Zoom call,” says Cole Lindbergh, Sales Enablement Manager, Revenue Operations, ChowNow. Watch this video to learn how ChowNow was able to create & deploy a robust new-hire training program that decreased time from new hire first to deal.

Wiley Publishing Talks About the Mindtickle Experience.

Vanessa Garrabrant, Wiley Publishing

“With Mindtickle, We have been able to formalize the onboarding process; using coaching forms has been a game changer for us,” says Vanessa Garrabrant, Trainer – Sales & Success at John Wiley & Sons. They can now set up parameters for scoring the new hires, which helps the managers follow the same process for every learner. Garrabrant also talks about how Mindtickle coaching forms and certifications help her better understand the learners’ performance and engagement in sales meetings and coaching sessions. Watch this video to learn how Mindtickle’s sales coaching solutions help sales reps kickstart their customer demos after completing certifications.

Cloudtalk Uses Mindtickle for Onboarding

Celia Bruche, CloudTalk

CloudTalk was initially looking for something other than an integrated sales onboarding and training platform. After choosing Mindtickle for onboarding, They began understanding the benefits of combining an LMS (Learning Management System) and CMS (Content Management System) in one tool. Celia Bruche, Sales Enablement Director at CloudTalk, talks about how their team now uses Mindtickle for different processes, including sales onboarding, coaching, and storing and sharing content internally and externally. Watch this video to learn more about how the CloudTalk team reduced the ramp-up time for onboarding with Mindtickle.

Aurigo Leveraged Mindtickle for Structured Sales Enablement and Onboarding of their GTM Team

The Mindtickle team has not just been a partner to me but also everyone at Aurigo who has been trying to work on their respective focus areas. It can be overwhelming for anyone who has to get things done without the necessary support, so that’s been a great lift off of my shoulders to feel like Mindtickle is there to answer those questions and be supportive to the Aurigo team.