Splunk Fosters a Culture of Coaching with Mindtickle

Splunk Fosters a culture of Coaching with Mindtickle

About Splunk

  • Splunk is the world’s first Data-to-Everything Platform designed to remove the barriers between data and action so innovators in IT, security, DevOps and more can gain clarity, elevate discussions and accelerate progress.
  • Splunk employs more than 6,000 employees in 27 offices worldwide.


  • Splunk had determined that its training program, hosted solely by an LMS that was populated by the Splunk content team, was no longer meeting the company’s needs.
  • Specifically, sales training consisted of a library of e-learning courses that were primarily video-based modules.
  • Every new hire leveraged the same content in their onboarding process, regardless of their skill level.
  • And coaching — a cornerstone in the development and training of sales reps — was inconsistent among sales managers and not streamlined or well-defined.
  • Splunk determined that all this could be remedied by creating a culture of coaching at the company, underpinned by investment in enablement technology.


  • After a rigorous vendor evaluation process, Mindtickle emerged as the superior option to complement Splunk’s existing LMS and help achieve goals.
  • “Mindtickle incorporates learning with activities to reinforce new messaging, skills, and information. Mindtickle also allows managers to track metrics showing reps’ progress in mastering competencies over time,” said Krishna Saw, Senior Systems Manager, Enablement & Content Platforms at Splunk.
  • Probably most importantly, Mindtickle could provide a more streamlined, consistent, and data-driven approach to coaching.
  • Because Splunk’s corporate branding is very important to the company, Mindtickle would be delivered through “Splunk Coach” — the Mindtickle Sales Readiness platform branded with Splunk’s “Buttercup” mascot and bright-pink colors.


  • Culture of coaching across the company, underpinned by Splunk-branded, easy-to-use technology
  • Greater insight into knowledge and skills gaps
  • Gains in sales productivity due to increased enablement engagement
  • Improved new-hire training process

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