Revenue Intelligence

Improve win rates, reduce deal risks, and increase revenue per rep. Equip your revenue teams with the ideal revenue intelligence platform to boost forecasting, pipeline, and deal confidence.


Leading brands turn to Mindtickle to grow their revenue and improve rep productivity

Predict revenue growth with accuracy & agility

Aggregate all of your revenue and buyer interaction data in a single platform, including emails, customer interactions and call transcripts. Enrich your forecast with insights on opportunity health, including whether or not deals will close on time, and proactively mitigate deal risks.

Forecasting & Pipeline Management

Analyze data points across calls, emails, and meetings to predict deal closures or slippage with confidence. See how engaged buyers are and what topics or content pique their interest.

Help managers replicate top performances

Give frontline managers the tools they need to understand what’s happening on every deal and account so they can coach winning teams. Suggest next steps that can be taken, such as content to send or training to complete. Identify who to coach on what topics.

Never miss quota again

Know exactly what number you’ll hit and what it takes to get there. Unlock insights that help reps prioritize opportunities and identify deal risks. Empower reps to prioritize their time and never lose a winnable deal.

Unlock the voice of customer insights

Get complete visibility into insightful topics that come up on calls, such as product feedback, competitor mentions, and market insights via built-in conversation intelligence.

MongoDB Reduces Ramp Time by 45%

When our CEO and CRO said, ‘We need a common sales methodology, a common language within the team, a common way that we operate and process,’ we knew that in order to fix it at the source, we had to change the way we onboarded our new hires and evolved our programs to extend to tenured sellers.


Uncover risks and never miss a winnable deal

Get actionable insights on deal risks and buyer engagement. Identify problems, but also go beyond to fix them.

  • Know which deals will close on time or not with insights on deal health, buyer sentiment, and competitor mentions
  • Let AI recommend next steps reps can take to address deal risks and never miss an opportunity
  • Improve revenue operations, predict deal outcomes, and close more deals

Forecast & measure pipeline with confidence

Quantify pipeline progression and deal closures. Predict & hit revenue goals with high accuracy.

  • Saves hours a week with monthly and quarterly AI pipeline projections
  • Standardize forecast roll-ups & trends across every rep, region, business unit, or product line
  • Automate forecasting reminders, notifications, and pipeline change analysis
  • Know if you have enough pipeline or not to confidently hit your number

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Deal forecast
rep performance

Get rep performance insights and unlock true potential

Track and measure rep performance with insights on rep productivity, efficiency, and potential

  • Help sales managers know which reps need attention and what topics to coach them on
  • Access built-in, data-driven coaching workflows and benchmark top performance
  • Enable sales reps to self-coach with AI video role-plays
  • Offer highly personalized content and enablement recommendations

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