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Jon Antevy
At e-Builder, we take pride in delivering a consistently exceptional level of customer experience and MindTickle has been extremely effective at ensuring our sales teams are capable of that goal. We can ensure our sellers are engaging with our training, have demonstrated comprehension, proficiency and capability in being on message, and can be effective in the real world. The AI-powered capabilities of auto-reviews, including analysis of keywords, filler words, and cadence helps reps improve their practice sessions before they submit role plays. And for reviewers, the insights allow them to quickly identify and develop the necessary knowledge and skills for our reps to be successful. The new Model Pitch offering takes the value even further by allowing us to show what the ideal message and delivery looks like and creates a framework to systematically develop those attributes.

About e-Builder

  • e-Builder Enterprise is a fully-integrated, owner-centric, cloud-based construction software focused exclusively on meeting the needs of facility owners and construction professionals.
  • An end-to-end Project Management Information Solution (PMIS) delivering outcomes from capital planning and design through commissioning.


  • e-Builder develops and delivers cloud-based construction management software for facility owners and construction professionals to improve capital project outcomes.
  • With an expanding sales force, they knew how important it was to establish a streamlined and consistent onboarding process.
  • The challenge was that e-Builder’s existing onboarding program was not consistent at all, and definitely not suited for a quickly growing team.
  • The ramp time for new hires at e-Builder was suboptimal at best, and they needed a solution fast.


  • Faced with inconsistencies and gaps in their existing onboarding process, the e-Builder team knew they needed to create an automated and consistent onboarding program to set every rep up for success from day one.
  • With Mindtickle’s sales readiness platform, the e-Builder team would be able to establish
    a program that empowered managers to identify knowledge gaps within their teams, and coach accordingly.


  • After implementing a more effective training program, e-Builder saw a reduced time to revenue.
  • Managers at e-Builder had better visibility into individual competencies and skill gaps.
  • Sales managers were equipped with concrete data to fuel their coaching conversations.
  • Reps across the business were able to deliver clear and consistent messaging.
  • Sellers were decreasing their time to their first deals.