Transforming Sales Enablement at Teradata

Morgan Clawson, Senior Manager, GTM Readiness

Discover how Teradata’s Morgan Clawson, Senior Manager of GTM Readiness, talks about Mindtickle’s transformative role in their testimonial video. Highlighting a pivotal capability framework implementation, Morgan emphasizes Mindtickle’s instrumental support in creating Teradata’s first-ever go-to-market capability model. Through a robust tagging structure and coaching forms, Mindtickle empowered teams to reflect on productivity, enabling data-driven insights for prioritizing and focusing enablement efforts. The Readiness Index emerged as a standout, correlating participation in enablement programs with actual productivity metrics. Mindtickle’s collaborative culture shift and tailored learning paths, reinforced through certifications and badging, revolutionized training, enabling confident, knowledgeable interactions with customers. Morgan praises Mindtickle’s proactive, responsive support and recommends it for personalized learning, robust coaching, and showcasing the impactful value of enablement teams. As Morgan expresses, Mindtickle isn’t just a platform—it’s a catalyst for dynamic, relevant, and impactful sales enablement at Teradata.

AHRT Turns to Digital Sales Rooms to Close Deals Faster

Andrew Dorcast, Senior Vice President, Sales & Strategy

Andrew Dorcast, Senior Vice President of Sales & Strategy at ARHT, a pioneering global leader in live hologram technology, highlights the transformative impact of Mindtickle’s Enable Us platform on their sales process. By leveraging Enable Us, ARHT effortlessly shares content with prospects, gains valuable insights into buyer engagement, and significantly accelerates their sales cycle. Andrew emphasizes the importance of content consumption, professional customization, and timely updates. The platform has enabled ARHT to standardize content, ensuring a consistent and professional presentation across all interactions. Moreover, it has empowered them to measure results on both macro and micro levels, allowing for strategic adjustments and enhancements by vertical, region, and product type. Lyle Hastie, Sales Director, EMEA, ARHT, underscores the effectiveness of digital sales rooms in simplifying processes and directing prospects towards key content. The result? Remarkable improvements in time-to-close, from initial contact to signed contracts. This testimonial underscores how Mindtickle’s solutions have become an integral asset in ARHT’s sales success story.

How Fastmarkets Uses Mindtickle to Digitize Their Competency Framework

Anusha Purkis, Head of Sales Enablement, Fastmarkets

Fastmarkets, a company providing market data and analysis, has been using Mindtickle to streamline its onboarding process and enhance its sales coaching capabilities. Anusha Purkins, Head of Sales Enablement, says Mindtickle helped their internal EPS score for sales jump from -16 to +22. Additionally, Fastmarkets leveraged Mindtickle to create prescriptive coaching programs and Call AI to empower reps with self-assessment and immediate application of learnings. This comprehensive approach has provided significant impact, including a certified sales enablement program, increased average order value, and improved go-to-market alignment.

Learn How Mindtickle Powers the School of Splunk

Nancy French, Splunk

With Mindtickle as Splunk Coach’s engine, Splunk could begin taking action on its main enablement objectives, including increasing sales rep productivity and overall revenue impact and creating more engaging and personalized learning journeys. In this video, Nancy French, Director of Operations, Systems & Tools at Splunk, talks about how Sales Managers at Splunk can now create their coaching content faster and personalize it to fit the specific needs of their reps. This also frees up our content team to work on other tasks.

Learn How Cisco Leverages Mindtickle to Scale Coaching Efforts

Chris Jackson, Cisco

Cisco was undertaking a significant transformation of its sales enablement organization and shifting from a traditional L&D approach, with historically low adoption, to a more data-driven, experiential learning approach. Chris Jackson, Distinguished Architect, Global Strategy & Operations, talks about how Mindtickle is the perfect platform for their high-value programs. “We leveraged Mindtickle to roll out training to 18,000 of our sellers in six weeks,” Jackson said. Watch this video to learn how Cisco adopts a modern learning solution with powerful data-driven analytics for leadership with Mindtickle.

Learn How Formalized Onboarding Helped Chownow Reduce Time to First Deal by 50%

Cole Lindbergh

ChowNow faced the challenge of onboarding remote new hires without a formalized program. With standardized training, there was room for impactful manager conversations too. “With Mindtickle, the ability to create modules and courses that introduce certain topics can be more beneficial in some ways than just listening to someone talk about it on a Zoom call,” says Cole Lindbergh, Sales Enablement Manager, Revenue Operations, ChowNow. Watch this video to learn how ChowNow was able to create & deploy a robust new-hire training program that decreased time from new hire first to deal.

Okta Sees a 33% Reduction in Onboarding Time with Mindtickle

MichaelAnthony Capri, Okta

Okta has multiple teams, like pre-sales and CSMs, so their biggest challenge was onboarding for these teams. Okta believes in the “sales everboarding” of their teams, where they believe in a continuous onboarding process that lasts beyond a new hire’s first few days. MichaelAnthony Capri, Technical Enablement Senior Program Manager at Okta, talks about how they used the Mindtickle series and quick updates to set a path for the onboarding process and to train learners from a value-selling POV. Watch this video to learn more about how Okta leverages Mindtickle to decrease the sales ramp-up time with a more organized and structured onboarding process.

Okta Realizes Higher Mindtickle Adoption and Improved Usability

Ariel Elliott, OKTA

Okta was looking for a robust sales enablement and onboarding program for their sales team that allowed for a faster ramp to productivity. They were not only looking for a platform with different features but with better usability of those features with more control and visibility for the managers. In this video Ariel Elliott, Curriculum Director at Okta, talks about how Mindtickle provides better control in the backend for learners’ modules, helping them to track the completion rates, resulting in higher adoption.

Mindtickle is Critical to Medallia’s Onboarding Process

Matt Payne, Medallia

Medallia was looking for a new solution to better support and streamline its sales onboarding process. With Mindtickle deployed, Medallia began to see some positive results in its onboarding overhaul, not just among the sales team. Medallia’s professional services, customer success, and marketing teams benefited as well. Matt Payne, Sales Enablement Leader at Medallia, shares how they are using Mindtickle for sales enablement onboarding training with missions and role-plays. They also leverage Call AI to improve sales communication performance behaviour, collect data points, and improve manager coaching.

Call AI a Major Contributor to Sales Rep Success at Data Axle

Sal Pecoraro, Data Axle

At Data Axle, sales readiness is a crucial focus. However, the team needed a modern solution to deliver onboarding and ongoing training. Sal Pecoraro, SVP, of Client Technology Solutions at Data Axle, mentions how his team leverages Mindtickle’s complete sales readiness platform to ensure its sellers are ramped up quickly and always ready to close any deal. Currently, Pecoraro is working with Mindtickle to develop the company’s ideal rep profile (IRP), the core set of skills and competencies a rep needs to succeed. In particular, he talks about how much the team relies on Mindtickle’s Call AI to understand better what’s happening in the field and coach sellers toward better outcomes.